GBBD Rain Drops on Roses…..

Actually not just on roses but on everything.  For the last two nights it has rained and for a couple of hours during the day yesterday and most of the day today – I am very happy!

So when I went outside to take my photos for bloomday it was under the protection of an umbrella.  It wasn’t raining too hard and it was so god to see and feel the rain; the umbrella was more to keep the camera dry.  Today it is windy which isn’t so good, I want rain, soft and gentle to soak right into the soil.  Temperatures yesterday and today haven’t risen above 20° C.  It almost feels like winter, but it is so nice to feel cool; to go to bed and pull the sheet around me rather than throw it off in an attempt to be cool.

Next week the temperatures are set to rise again, but only during the day, at night it will be cool.  Even during the day it should just be pleasantly warm to work outside.

All the blooms this month have raindrops on their petals, for some this makes them even more beautiful.

Gaura are always beautiful with drops of rain on their stems

New foliage and new blooms on Rosa Clair Matin

Caryopteris is very reliable at summer’s end, even after the hot summer we’ve had this year it is flowering beautifully

To see what else is flowering in My Hesperides Garden in mid September, please click on the image below.

To enjoy what’s flowering in gardens around the world, some just entering spring and others beginning to look autumnal, visit Carol at May Dreams Garden,

22 thoughts on “GBBD Rain Drops on Roses…..

  1. Really lovely blooms and rain drops. I really like your Caryopteris–must look for that here. Also is that Perovskia in the bottom picture? It settles in beautifully with the other plants.

  2. What a contrast with the pictures you posted just a couple of weeks ago! Everything looks much refreshed. So happy to hear you’re getting rain. Our temps have edged downward a slight bit this week too, for the first time in months.

  3. Hello again, Christina… sounds like you are a happy gardener tonight 🙂

    I always think rain brings romance to a garden, don’t you think? Your photos are wonderful. Loved the slide show. Enjoy the change this season brings to your beautiful garden 😀

  4. A marvellous post filled with marvellous photos…. i must admit, when i read the title i started to sing/hum “My Favourite Things” from Sound of Music :)… how embarrassing 🙂

  5. Lovely flowers sparkling with raindrops, absolutely beautiful, So glad it is now cooler for you, its impossible to work in the heat.

  6. The rain makes the gaura appear even more delicate and beautiful, and your caryopteris is such a beautiful shade of blue – do you know what variety it is? I have put one in this year but it doesn’t look in the least bit attractive yet but it was a garden centre bargain and I still have gaps to fill!

  7. Hi Christina,

    Glad to hear you’ve had some rain 🙂 (never thought I’d hear myself saying this…) Gaura looks beautiful no matter what – but it does look even more so with raindrops sparkling off its airy, wiry stems 🙂

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