A Butterfly Day

Monday was a lovely day in the garden, the sky had scudding clouds and it was windy, for some reason the butterflies thought it a perfect day and fluttered about every time I passed any of the plants they were feeding from.  The wind, of course, made it challenging to photograph them, but here are a few I managed to capture.

This moth was flying by day, not sure what it is on this Sedum

Either a long or Lang’s short-tailed blue (you’d think it would be easy to tell them apart!

Silver studded blue?

With the wings open you can see why they are ‘blues’ – closed you can’t see the blue at all

This one definately looks like it has long tails!  Feeding on the newly flowering rosemary

The caterpillar of the Swallowtail butterfly likes fennel to feed on and to make its chrysalis.

The first picture was in the morning, by early evening it had climbed up to the fronds of the fennel where they usually make their chrysalis.

There was a Swallowtail flying around in the morning but it wouldn’t settle to be photographed.  I think it was confused as I have Brassicas in the same bed as the fennel, in fact they are now rather swamping the fennel so the butterfly could sense there was fennel somewhere about but couldn’t quite locate it.  Just shows it’s worth planting different smelling things together to confuse predators.  The fennel would have been more obvious when the eggs were laid of this caterpillar.

Not just butterflies – I found a stick insect on the wall, if they are on sticks they are usually invisible.

I’ve never seen so many Carpenter bees in the garden all at once as there were on Monday. This was alone feeding on Salvia

But there were dozens on the Perovskia

They look like shadows in the image, I hope you can see them.

20 thoughts on “A Butterfly Day

    • I’d never seen them in the ‘wild’ so to speak until we came here; we used to have them at school to study! The bees are quite large and the Italians are terrified of them but they seem quite gentle creatures and never bother me even if I’m up tying in the wisteria while they’re feeding. Christina

  1. Lovely – we’ve had pouring rain here these past few days so it’s nice to be reminded of what I could/should be seeing. Though perhaps not the stick insect. Amazing. I remember seeing one in Greece years ago and me having to be dragged away eventually I was so mesmerised. D

  2. Great photos. I drove my son mad trying to photograph butterflies atd The Garden House. The butterflies seem to know what I was doing and conspired against me!! I did like seeing different butterflies on your blog

    • No Nadezda, there is a balance in the garden of pests and predators; I don’t use pesticides; wasps usually eat most of the cabbage white butterfly caterpillars and eggs and the caterpillar of the swallowtail doesn’t do any noticeable damage. I like sharing the garden with most wildlife. I could manage without the moles that come in and damage crops and the fox we’ve had this year that damaged the irrigation system and ate my melons! Christina

  3. Lots of lovely insects in your garden Christina, wonderful when they all come visiting. The stick insect is amazing, its a wonder you saw it, so well disguised.

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