The Formal Garden

This year the Perovskia in the formal beds at the front of the house did not do well.  I mulched the ground heavily to suppress weed growth and I think it must have been too acid; the plants haven’t grown as much as in other years and are only now beginning to flower well.  The lateness of flowering is, I’m sure, also due to the exceptionally hot summer.

This is a bonus as the blue haze when I look out of the windows is very much appreciated now.

Looking down from a first floor window

The LH border is to the left with soft edges while the lavender is cut straight.

Taken from the right side of the terrace looking diagonally across to the mulberry tree.

In the above image you can see where some of the lavender may be dead, I’m relieved to see that there is a lot of new growth on most of the hedge.

Looking through the beds, the blue of the perovskia is so intense

This is the view from the kitchen window

Here you can see the symmetry; taken from the centre of the front door.  The pre-existing bay block at the back of the garden isn’t central, I’ve added a couple more plants but they need to grow to reach the height if the original before their presence will be felt.  The Walnut trees are happily placed more or less centrally to the beds on each side, I also want to divide the Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ so there are four in front of the Bay.

19 thoughts on “The Formal Garden

  1. I love the soft bluey colour of perovskia and it looks so good en masse like that. Loving the autumnal light as well. It’s so amazing what plants can cope with. When I think of the temperatures you’ve had this summer and your garden looks so beautiful.

  2. Love the formality, so pleased that your garden is coming to life again after your summer. Blue is my favourite colour so I would love a mass of perovskia like yours, but not in my clay unfortunately!

  3. That misty mauve/blue of Perovskia is unique, isn’t it? I love it but it hates me and won’t grow. I do like the design of your formal garden, just using a few plants to great effect. I’m not there yet in my garden design, I’m too greedy for too many different plants!

    • Hi Lyn, I love the calmness of the formal garden and I am lucky to have space to indulge myself plant wise elsewhere in the garden, although I am liking more and more to have lots of repetition and big drifts of one plant. Christina

  4. I love seeing this garden and it is spectacular even after your awful summer…these plants seem to be hardy enough to bounce back and delight us all…formal gardens take lots of work and I know as a visitor I so appreciate all the work you do in your garden…just lovely Christina!

    • Thank you Donna, actually the formal garden is probably less work than some of the other areas. Trimming the lavender doesn’t take too long and the Perovskia is cut almost to the ground in early spring with a hedge trimmer so again not so bad. I love the contrast with the rest of the garden. Christina

  5. Your formal garden is perhaps my favorite part of your garden! I love the sweep of the Perovskia and the lovely blue haze it creates. And the lavender is my dream plant, which must remain only in my dreams. Why is it we so often admire most what we cannot have?

    • It is true we enjoy those plants that are never going to be happy in our own gardens, but by growing the ‘right plants’ we ensure that we will enjoy what we have! Christina

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