Autumn light – dusk

The evening autumn light is magical; it washes the garden in warm colour.  Fleeting though it is it is one of my favourite times of day in this season.

The rays of the sun wash over the trunk of the mulberry making the seat under it even more enticing, if only for a few minutes.

Where would the garden be without grasses?

The light captures their ephemeral beauty.

….. and then of course there’s the sky!

20 thoughts on “Autumn light – dusk

  1. Beautiful, I love both dusk and dawn at this time of year, but our garden faces east so it bathes in the morning light, while we have to chase the evening light round the front.

  2. Lovely lighting your garden, the plants look really beautiful with the sun shining through, your hot summer must now be a nasty dream!

  3. Stunning, Christina. Such a lovely quality to the light. On a dull, damp day here I can almost feel the warmth from the Italian sun. I agree grasses do look beautiful, although they work better in a drier climate. With a wet summer and a wet couple of weeks recently my own grasses are starting to look a little worse for wear. 😦

    • It is true that grasses don’t always look so good is prolonged damp! But I have friends in Devon, where it rains a lot that have wonderful displays, they need to be the right kind. Christina

  4. I love these beautiful photos Christina. The grasses look amazing in the sunlight. They look great here too, tossing in the wind, with raindrops hanging from their flower heads, and covered in cobwebs in the morning mist. This is not to say I wouldnt like some late sunshine too!

  5. You remind me why I love autumn, Christina. I’m also loving spring right now. Why can’t these two seasons just merge and squeeze summer out altogether?

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