GBBD – Roses Again

It hardly seems possible that we have reached the middle of the month of October already!  Again it is Garden Bloggers Bloomday hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden.  If you have some time to spare why not visit to see what is blooming in Gardens all over the world.  I always try to look at one new garden each month but there are so many that sadly it is impossible for me to read them all.  But I do very much enjoy reading about the gardens I follow on a regular basis.  I feel as if I know these gardens but there is always something blooming that surprises and delights me.

In My Hesperides Garden most of the roses are blooming again.  Not all as profusely as in May but enough to perfume the garden and make me forget that it is nearly winter.

I am still surprised that 2 months ago many plants were deep in summer dormancy – i.e. they looked dead and now have put on new foliage and are flowering.

Click on the image below to see all the flowers blooming in the garden for GBBD October.

Blue butterflies are still enjoying the Perovskia

23 thoughts on “GBBD – Roses Again

  1. I really enjoyed seeing all your flowers, I was amazed to see the variety you have. It does not seem long ago that the drought was holding everything back, it must have been lovely watching them all burst forth.

  2. How lovely to have a second early summer almost, as your plants are revived after the heat of high summer. It’s definitely autumn here although we have only had a little bit of frost on Saturday morning but not enough to kill of the flowers at the plot or those in the garden. The sun is lower in the sky and is struggling to make its way to the back garden now but at least we’re enjoying some autumnal sunshine at the moment.

  3. Wow, Christina, I am impressed with the amazing variety of blooms you have. Your garden seems to have recovered well from the drought you experienced.

    Thanks for your comment on my own blog.The rounded globes are native yaupon hollies, which do look a lot like boxwoods. They grow naturally in the rounded shape you see, though I do keep them trimmed once or twice a year. These are dwarf, but grow much larger than the advertised three feet if I let them. They are among the most reliable, tough, easy care plants in my garden.

  4. Christina I love the last image of the blue butterfly…and to have roses again is so special…I hope some of the roses will come through the recent freeze. I too love visiting spring down in the southern half of the world.

  5. That photo of the butterfly is so good, such nice colours, so subtle. I might try the approach of reading about a new garden each month. I want to discover some new blogs

  6. WOW! I am so glad you left me a comment so that I can follow your spectacular blog! Your gardens are unbelievable! I like how you describe the gardening process and am a huge fan of Piet Oudolf as well. In time I hope that we can transform our small suburban lot into our own Eden! Looking forward to learning more through your journey!

  7. So many beautiful flowers this month, Christina! I wish I could sniff it from here! It smells much more of wet earth and leaves here in PA, USA.

    The profusely blooming white aster that you have looks very much like the one in my garden! It must be a cousin, but I am curious…
    Happy October!

    • I have several different white Asters, the one I love the most has tiny flowers and is very pure white in colour. It’s called A. ‘Monte Casino’, I have a suspicion it may be called something else outside Italy. Christina

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