Plant of the moment – Kochia trichophylla

This annual plant grows quickly to form a small conifer shaped bush that during summer is bright green.

Kochia trichophylla, as it has looked all summer

Then as it begins to flower it becomes tinged with pink.

Kochia trichophylla – just tinged with pink

When in full bloom, it glows pinky crimson.

Kochia trichophylla, great in an autumn planting scheme

I was given a plant a couple of years ago, it self seeds prolifically; this year there are plants all around the garden, I think I put the seeding plants into the compost!  But unwanted seedlings are easily removed and they fit well with grasses and Asters so a great addition to the garden.  Not many plants of this size actually self seed and become a good size in one season.

It picks up the colour of the Miscanthus beautifully

12 thoughts on “Plant of the moment – Kochia trichophylla

  1. Fantastic, it is so pretty. This would go beautifully in the border that I am redoing at the moment, it’s main season will be as an autumn border, many thanks Christina!

    • I’m not sure about its hardiness. The seedlings came up in May I think and it grew to about 60 cm during the summer. I didn’t need very much water, although those near the irrigation or plants that I was giving water to during the drought grew bigger. I could try to collect the seed and send you some if you like. Christina

      • Hi Christina, Thank you for the offer. I’ll have a look at it on the internet and see what I can find about it. If it thrives in your conditions I fear it would have a shock here. 😉

  2. I grew Kochias once many years ago. They were planted in a group near my front path and each one was a slightly different height and width. They looked like they were having a conversation, so we used to call them “the little green men”. This was in the days before I knew anything about gardening, and when they died in Winter I just thought I’d killed them. I felt really bad about my little green men and never grew them again. I’d completely forgotten until I read your post. Now I know they were annuals and I am not a Kochia-killer, so thanks!

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