GBFD – Greens not Reds, Yellows or Oranges

Although we have reached the third week in October there are very few true signs of autumn in the garden; in the countryside and along main roads Pyracantha berries blaze in red and yellow, the grapes have mostly been harvested and we are about ready to harvest our olives so I am aware that winter approaches.  But somehow most of the garden plants are determined to put on new foliage to replace that lost during the drought so for the most part when I look at the garden it fills me with hope rather as it does in spring.

The Mulberry still has all its leaves and hasn’t changed colour at all.

In the evening light, Nandino has hints of orange

By the gate, agave and euphorbia both look fresh and not tired as in summer

Artemisia has put on lots of new foliage

Seeds of Californian poppy and Verbascum are germinating everywhere, yes there are also a few weeds too!

But the birds know it is autumn and each evening there are more and more getting ready to leave.

If you would like to join in Garden Bloggers Foliage Day all you need to do is leave a comment with the link to your post.  I look forward to reading all of them and seeing what the foliage is doing in your spring garden if you’re in the southern hemisphere or what shades of autumn colour is filling your garden if you’re situated in the northern hemisphere.

I came accross this post the other day and think it fits the bill. click here to see some amazing autumn colour.


16 thoughts on “GBFD – Greens not Reds, Yellows or Oranges

  1. Definitely autumn here and a touch of winter is predicted for the end of the week with icy winds from the Arctic coming down across the country. A hectic weekend and now rain has meant little time to take any pictures of the autumnal colours which is disappointing. It’s good to see your plants ‘springing’ back into life after the drought. It must be a relief to see everything thriving again.

  2. Hi Christina: Thank you so much for the link-back! The Nandina is glorious in the setting sun–you’ve captured it so well! Isn’t the light incredible this time of year?! Here’s a short link to my foliage post: Thanks, again, and I will try to be better about joining GBFD. 🙂

    • Hi, I happy for you to add the link to your post for foliage follow up. I know a lots of people find it difficult to post a day after bloomday so they won’t necessarily have read your post. Christina

  3. Here the leaves are also slow to change colour although my witch hazel lost its leaves weeks ago. We have a cold snap forecast for this weekend so I suspect the trees will quickly change their clothing

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