14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – sheep on the road

    • The road is from our house; last week every time I went out I met the sheep on their way to be, or on thier way back from being, milked. Sheep’s milk cheese (Pecorino) is the main production in our area. Christina

    • Lambs are naturally a by-product of wanting the ewes to have milk. They kill them while they’re very young; one hungry person could eat a whole leg of lamb very easily. These are probably for the Christmas market, lamb is quite a popular choice for Christmas day lunch along with a whole host of other things. Christina

    • This is just a small part of the flock. Just one farmer has about 2000 sheep, I don’t think they ever include the lambs because they’re only around for a short time. Christina

  1. What a lovely pastoral scene! I am regularly held up at train crossings and by slow traffic on our roads. I think I might prefer sheep. I doubt they would obey traffic signals, but they would be a lot more fun to look at!

    • I agree, I am often stopped by the sheep, worse when they are going in the same direction as you can’t drive past. But I always smile especially when there are lambs. Christina

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