GBBD – Still Feels Like Spring

Well, mostly anyway!  The weather since the last BloomDay has been good for the garden; rain and warm sun.  Most plants have been tricked into believing that it is spring rather than the beginning of winter.

Rosa Sally Holmes is flowering more than at any time during the year

There has been a lot of rain in the last weekend; many of you will have seen images of Venice and maybe of road collapsing and swallowing a car in Tuscany.  For more about the rain click here.

There is some autumn colour, the walnuts have lost their leaves, the pomegranate foliage is butter yellow and all the Miscanthus are looking beautiful but other plants are enjoying a second spring and I’m enjoying it too; in a small way it makes up for the torrid summer.

Glorious yellow of the pomegranate

Ceanothus has a few flowers the blue of the blooms matching the blue Italian sky.

Ceanothus repans

One Cistus has one flower (yes, I know that one flower proves nothing it is an anomaly).  The moist ground has really prompted the roses into flower, there are more, even, than in October.  During the early days of November I was surprised and delighted to see that the ends of all the branches of the Philadelphus had flowers, they only persisted for a week or so, so can’t be included in Bloomday for November but they deserve a mention.

Solanum jasminoides Album is covered in blooms and will probably continue to be until some really cold weather arrives.  All the different varieties of Salvia are flowering profusely, I think I under-value them because I find it hard to get good images of them.

This post is late, yesterday I wasn’t feeling great so didn’t go into the garden to photograph the blooms, today it is very windy and the bright morning sun has made some of the colours a little strange.  You can see most of what’s blooming in My Hesperides Garden by clicking on the image below.

Rosa Rhapsody in Blue

Thank you to Carol at Maydreams Garden for hosting this interesting meme, take some time to visit some of the other gardens joining in this month to see what’s blooming around the world.

I’ve been reading some wonderful posts about autumn foliage colour, please feel free to link to Garden Bloggers Foliage Day on the 22nd of each month – I think November may be the most colourful so far!

25 thoughts on “GBBD – Still Feels Like Spring

  1. As gardeners we appreciate every bloom the garden gives us 🙂 Your Rhapsody in Blue is such a beautiful colour, four flowers at once, perfect for a vase on the kitchen table!

  2. Beautiful flowers, it must make up for your searing summer, your plants knew what to do for the best, just shut down and wait for the rain, hope you soon feel 100% again.

  3. I struggle to photograph Salvias as well, I have a gorgeous cream one and I have tried several times to blog about it but cant get any photos for it.

    Here its all mists and mellowness, very autumnal which I really like. I love your pomegranete tree looks lovely

  4. Red tones salvias are almost impossible to photograph, I’m always taking pictures to the yellow and the white ones, maybe to make up for the red, the deep pink and the magenta ones! You really have a lot of roses in bloom, my very young ones have at least produced some flowers but they’re now over.

  5. Wonderful post for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!
    Pretty roses!
    And all those beautiful sunny colors in your garden!
    Have a great day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  6. Christina, so wonderful to see the charming blooms and colors in your autumn garden. Your Rosa Sally Holmes is beautiful with its soft pinkness and I love the bluish hue of the Rosa Rhapsody in Blue. What a wild ride you’ve had this year with the extreme weather. Hope you’re feeling better. Susie

    • Thank you Susie. Sally Holmes is an amazing rose, I have threeinthe garden all grown from cuttings, they are all now large shrubs (1.8 m x a spread of a little less). The flowers in summer are pure white while those of autumn are pink. Christina

  7. Your garden is beautiful, as always! I enjoyed the slideshow. You really do have a lot of blooms, despite the lateness of the season. Milder weather here also has prompted roses and other bloomers in my garden to behave like it’s spring. I also have a hard time photographing salvia, sadly, because they are pretty plants.

    Thanks for your comment on my own blog. Of course you may link to my posts. I would be honored!

  8. Wow – using Flickr really shows how wonderful your roses are Christina! You have some real beauties – are they all usually still flowering at this time of year?

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