Plant of the moment – Iris unguicularis

Iris unguicularis

I. unguicularis is a vigorous evergreen rhizomatous perennial to 30cm in height, with copious dark green leaves and very fragrant, deep violet flowers 5-8cm in width, the falls marked with white and deep yellow at the base, in late winter.

OK so it’s not late winter and my plant isn’t evergreen but I am sure that this lovely flower is I. unguicularis.  A friend gave me this plant at least 3 years ago; I planted it under the Rosa mutabilis as I felt it would be undisturbed there, sadly it is now covered by the rose and I am going to move it.  It takes a while to establish before flowering freely so I move it when it has finished flowering.

14 thoughts on “Plant of the moment – Iris unguicularis

  1. This certainly looks like Iris unguicularis, you made me go and look at mine, lots of scruffy leaves but no flower buds as yet, I will look forward to it flowering on and off all winter. Hope yours doesn’t sulk for too long after the move!

    • I am worried about moving it as it tok a while before it flowered when I first planted it. Maybe if I don’t disturb the roots too much it will be OK. I pruned the roses so I can just about enjoy the flowers. Plus point is that it seems to have sent out an off shoot about a foot away from the parent plant. Christina

  2. Didn’t realise you could get an Iris that flowered over winter. Such a beautiful colour. Getting as much soil with the plant roots as possible will hopefully minimise any disturbance when moving.

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