12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Something more seasonal

    • No Shirl the birds here don’t seem to like apples at all. Last year when there was thick snow I put out chopped apple and not one piece was eaten. They eat the pomegranates and raspberries though! Nothing very exciting, sparrows and a blackbird eat the fruit. Our most beautiful visitors are bee eaters in summer (they’re long gone now back to Africa). Christina

    • I have two crab apple trees; the one with yellow fruits fall very quickly so I use those to make jelly, this tree the fruit stay on until the new blossom and beyond so I leave them to add colour during the winter. Christina

      • Nice. I had an elderly relative who introduced me to many plants and I thought of her instantly when I saw your photo today. She made lots of jelly from hers, and I loved the beautiful crabapple blooms in the spring. Thanks, Susie

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