Civita di Bagnoreggio

Last Friday I visited Cività di Bagnoreggio with some colleagues.  A hill town like many around here; actually it’s hard to find any towns that aren’t built on a hill.  The origin of this, as many others, is Etruscan.  But the choice of this site wasn’t good as the city has been slipping down the side of its hill since mediaeval times; an earthquake accelerated the process by destroying the road.  Today very few people live here, some of the houses are holiday homes; the only way to reach the city is by a pedestrian causeway.

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The surrounding area is called Calanchi (bad lands in the US) and it is this scenery that you can often see in the background of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting.

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20 thoughts on “Civita di Bagnoreggio

  1. Oh, my goodness, it is gorgeous! It really does look like something from a painting. Or from another time. And having to walk into town would make it feel even more like one is going back in time!

  2. Oh my Christina, what absolutely magical landscapes you live with – quite breath-taking! Cività di Bagnoreggio looks like it should be used as a film set and the history that must go with a town like this must make it quite magical too. What a shame that the city has been slipping away 😦

    As for the surrounding area… I hear David Attenbourgh’s voice and I’m expecting to see geese flying into shot. Quite beautiful, thanks for sharing these images with us 😀

  3. Wow – how breathtaking Christina! A different completely setting but reminds me of Mont St. Michel. The practicalities of everyday life for the residents must mean a lot of careful and detailed forward planning.

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