GBBD – Searching for blooms

November’s GBBD it seemed like spring, there is no deluding myself now.  With the change of month from November to December came, too, the change to winter.  There has been frost on the ground almost every morning since the 1st of December.  Maybe the coldest December since we bought this house and I began the garden.

The few rose blooms that remain seem almost petrified by the cold.

Rosa 'Sophie's Perpetual' frozen in time

No more Californian poppies defying the month to flower with their sunny faces.  Iris unguicularis has produced lots of flowers, usually only one at any one time, so not a profusion of colour but beautifully elegant never the less.


No need for a slide show this month, you can see everything that is blooming in this post. (this isn’t a link, just wordpress being difficult!)








20121214_9999_14 20121214_9999_16


Rosa ‘Sophie’s Perpetual’ frozen in time



20121214_9999_21 20121214_9999_22









The beauty in the garden this month is mainly from seed-heads and foliage, I’ll be posting about what foliage is looking good on the 22nd.

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams (I’m dreaming of May too now) for hosting this opportunity to link with gardeners everywhere to see what’s blooming now around the world.  It’s summer in the southern Hemisphere so we can enjoy some sunshine and warmth by sharing their walks around their gardens.

24 thoughts on “GBBD – Searching for blooms

  1. Despite the frost and cold is is good to see the flowers holding their own. What is the pale lilac flower that looks as if the plant has soft gray green leaves? The picture is underneath the white rose.

    • It’s a Teucrium fruticans. The leaves aren’t so soft, but it is a great addition to the garden. It flowers from now through to May and is completely drought tolerant. It can be pruned to any shape or left to grow into a huge airy bush. Christina

      • I have checked and I think it would survive the winters we have. It seems ideal for us so that you for the introduction! I have decided to keep a “wish list” on the computer now so that I can keep visits to nurseries more targeted.

  2. What a lot of lovely flowers you still have in spite of your frosts. I keep looking at my Iris unguicularis, just under the dining room window so I don’t have to leave the warmth of the house to see it, but no flowers so far unfortunately.

    • Is your Iris unguicularis new? I’ve had mine at least two winters and this is the first year that it has produced flower after flower. If not I’m sure yours will flower in very early spring. Christina

      • No not new Christina, must have been fin for at least 10 yrs now, we have had lots of flowers in the past, I think it is just late starting!

  3. Great photos Christina, I’ve been thinking about planting iris unguicularis at the base on the wall in the front garden, where it will be baked and won’t grow too tall so that it spoils the view. And now I have fallen for Teucrium fruticans too…

  4. Still much colour about in your December garden Christina despite the much colder and shorter days. Is the subject of the fourth photo down an aster ? Such a glorious colour.

    • Hi Xeristyle, it is Teucrium suffruticosa. It would grow for you in Texas, it is very drought tolerant and flowers from November to May. See my comments below to ‘A French Garden’ who also asked about it. Christina

  5. Some of those blooms seem to actually enjoy the frost! But poor petrified roses! I have a few of those, too. I cling to the last remnants of this year’s blooms. Even with our mild winter, I know soon they will be gone. Fortunately, it won’t be too long before the first signs of spring buds begin to emerge.

  6. You’ve still got a remarkable number of flowers there. Not much in flower here other than a few winter flowering shrubs but still I don’t mind too much. I’m just so looking forward to spring now. I’m just hoping for a little warmth and sunshine this year and quite a bit less rain. WW

  7. It is looking wintery in your part of the world… but still some color. We finally have snow today – I say “finally” for my kids’ sake, not mine. It is just a few inches, but maybe it will stay for Christmas. The white freshens up the dead brown tone about the garden.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

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