GBBD – More hangers-on than new blooms

Not much has been happening in the garden, hence no posts.  But there are a few blooms out there.  Not much new except I found this Anemone coronaria de Caen; I planted these bulbs without much hope of success as I’ve tried them before and none have ever grown.  Maybe all the rain in the autumn encouraged them to grow, anyway this one is about to open its bud, the colour is supposed to be deep pink but from the colour I can see, I don’t think that will be true.

Anemone coronaria de Caen

Anemone coronaria de Caen

Several roses have buds and even open flowers; Rosa Stanwell perpetual is showing that it is truly perpetual as long as it has enough water.

Rosa Stanwell perpetual

Rosa Stanwell perpetual

Rosa Clair Martin

Rosa Clair Martin

R. China pink

R. China pink

The weather has been changeable. Rain, mild temperatures, we were even able to have lunch on the terrace on Saturday, but cold temperatures are forecast for the end of this week (minus 6°C is promised so I must turn off the water going to taps around the garden and open the taps so they aren’t damaged (last year I missed one and the whole tap sort of exploded).

More in keeping with the season are Teucrium fruticosa, Prostrate rosemary and the beautiful Iris unguicularis.

Teucrium, a winter stallwart

Teucrium, a winter stallwart

Rosemary flowers for most of the winter

Rosemary flowers for most of the winter


Iris unguicularia

Pretty violas, in a pot I can see from the kitchen window, show their smiling faces and always make me smile.

20130114_9999_19 20130114_9999_18 20130114_9999_17

Viburnum tinus has a few buds just beginning to open and Eleagnus is still attracting and insects that are in the garden with its strong perfume.

A few plants are just plain confused, Ceanothus and Osteospernum shouldn’t be flowering now, nor should this Salvia!

20130114_9999 20130114_9999_2

Salvia, side ways, sorry!


Even a Hemerocallis is doing its best to open its untimely bloom

Even a Hemerocallis is doing its best to open its untimely bloom

A very happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, January 2013, to all my fellow bloggers.  Thanks to Carol for hosting; why not check out  at May Dreams for other posts to bring a little sunshine into our lives.

24 thoughts on “GBBD – More hangers-on than new blooms

  1. Your roses are doing really well, to still be flowering now, and yes, the weather we are all having must be making the plants so confused. Amazing that you could eat outside in January, far too cold here to do that!

  2. It looks like a lot is happening in your beautiful garden to me! 🙂 I can relate though…..I have felt chilly….wet….and not much like photographing outside. Busy with canadian guests too. I may make it out today. So is your favorite color pink? Looking fwd to seeing the color of that bulb bloom….looks black’ish purple! Gorgeous 🙂

  3. I so much admire the plants that flower despite the weather even if some are a bit confused! I love your Teuchrium fruiticosa, you had shown it earlier and I looked for it in the UK. I picked up a Teuchrium lucidrys at Wisley’s plant shop as it was the only one I saw. Perhaps it will be better for me. I prefer the fruticosa but maybe it would prefer a warmer climate. My pansies are not through yet and I love the colour they give. Amelia

    • Teucrium fruticose would be fine for you, it does grow well in the UK so I’m sure it would be fine in your part of France. Xeristyle showed a ground cover Teucrium on her post today which I covet but haven’t been able to find here, maybe it would grow from seed. Christina

  4. Congratulations on your anemone! I have always admired anemones but never had any luck with them, either. I am also amazed by your rosemary blooms. I grow rosemary, but it has never bloomed. Are their some varieties that bloom and others that don’t? Or are there male and female plants?

    • I think all Rosemary should bloom and it is often during the winter; even in my English garden it was always in February or March, here they begin in November and flower for most of the winter. Maybe your summers are too damp for them and your winter too cold. Christina

  5. so many flowers Christina, I’ve never seen such big blooms on rosemary, the ones I see have tiny little flowers, your garden looks like spring or even summer to me, just amazing, Frances

  6. I am amazed of your roses! Mine had finally stop flowering (except r. Odorata that always produces new buds) and drop their leaves. I finally can see some autumn colours on the rose bushes! They are forecasting snow, frost and a drop of temperatures but so far here we had some chilly wind and rain, anything like winter indeed!
    You reminded me I don’t have any teucrium in this garden, I shall get some, they are good plants!

  7. Being able to eat outside would be lovely. We seem to rarely get the chance to do that, even in summer. I can’t believe those roses. Incredible. I struggle with anemone coronaria. They don’t like winter wet apparently which is what I offer them. I have got a plan to grow them though which I’m experimenting with. If it works I’ll let you know.

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