and then it started to snow!

After some mild, wet days today was bitingly cold and at about 4.30 it began to snow.

The following images were taken at 5pm when it was almost dark but I just wanted to share the initial magic, I’m hoping it will all be gone by tomorrow.

Looking down from the bedroom window

Looking down from the bedroom window

20130117_9999_6 blogLooking out from the sitting room window.

I didn’t want to go out and spoil the virgin snow with my footsteps, if the snow does remain, I’ll venture out tomorrow.

30 thoughts on “and then it started to snow!

  1. Wonderful monochrome views, the snow certainly shows up the structure of the garden. This is what we have been told we will wake up to tomorrow!!

  2. we are waiting for snow here – I am hoping that by Monday it will be gone. Whilst it looks lovely at first it soon becomes a real pain.

  3. I love how the snow picks out the structure of the plants in your garden and your design. We’ve got about 5-6 inches now but there has been more up in the mountains. Hoping to get up their tomorrow to see the snowy scene.

  4. Hi there Christina, our snow only started about 5pm today – I wonder if you ventured out today. Your garden structure elements come into their own during winter – very pretty indeed. It’s great to see beyond the garden too. Enjoy your winter moments this weekend – stay safe and warm 😀

  5. Just beautiful over your formal garden structure! We actually have the very same dusting of snow today as you did yesterday… just a sprinkling. It is the best kind of snow for highlighting forms in the garden. I hope things have warmed up for you!

  6. It’s beautiful. Interesting to notice how snow accentuates certain features and smooths out others. I was away for several days and entirely missed a light snow here. Susie

  7. What a wonderful view out of your window Christina – the cypress says Italy to me straight away – a glorious exclamation mark. Hope that the snow heeded your wishes and disappeared as quickly as it came.

  8. Hi Christina! So you had snow too at last! Here it continues raining,I am going mad. Lovely pictures, you have such a beautiful vista from your sitting room! You shall take that picture in full season too.

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