Euphorbia rigida – Plant of the moment

This afternoon, unlike the weekend, is sunny but not actually all that warm.  The weekend was icy cold with rain and wind and Monday morning I awoke to what looked like frost but was either frozen ice crystals or strangely transparent hail.

Euphorbia rigida

Euphorbia rigida

The first Euphorbia to open its inflorescence is E. rigida.  I really don’t understand the name of this variety because of all the Euphorbias I’ve seen this one sprawls the most!  But I like it for its strange habit and the colour it adds to the garden so early in the season.

E. rigida

E. rigida

In my post for GBBD (Garden bloggers Bloom day) it wasn’t showing the characteristic orange true flowers, now it is fully open and showing its cheerful colour to the world.

A closer look

A closer look

The true flower is orange

The true flower is orange

30 thoughts on “Euphorbia rigida – Plant of the moment

    • Yes, they do prefer free draining soil. I don’t open the garden but you would be very welcome to visit. The weather last weekend was a terrible, now it is lovely and sunny again. Christina

  1. I have a Euphorbia, which looks the same, that was given to me as I was starting the garden. I planted it in a few really tough spots and it has continued to thrive – untouched. I am scared of it, I read soon after that it could give severe skin irrritations, so I avoid it like the plague. Am I overreacting? I’ve noticed you use them happily.

  2. I’m always tempted by these when I seen them in nurseries…but I have a feeling the sprawling would drive me crazy…do they re-sprout from the roots if cut back hard?

    • I haven’t tried cutting back very hard, but I do tidy the plant up by cutting off the year’s flowering stems to leave the fresh new growth. It also seeds itself very happily around the garden. Christina

  3. I’ve just bought my first euphorbia. Can’t remember which one though. I think they’re gorgeous plants, I have no idea why it has taken me so long to get round to buying one. We had a sunny and relatively warmish day yesterday but it’s sooooo cold again today. I’m desperate to feel some proper warmth on my skin. The weather for most of Feb has been coming across to us from the continent rather than the Atlantic. It has been so cold but on the other hand it hasn’t rained for 3 weeks so the ground has dried out nicely after all this winter’s rain.

    • There are so many beautiful and useful Euphorbias, I’m sure you’ll find it attractive for most of the year. Our weather has also been cold at night for the last 6 weeks, but today was very spring-like and a pleasure to be outside. Christina

  4. I just love Euphorbia. It’s one of my favourite plants. I think it looks really tropical and unusual. I have a small plant that grew from seed a few years ago and can’t wait for the day that it is massive!! No idea which variety mine is but it looks similar, if not the same.

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