GBFD – Spring has Sprung

So officially spring has sprung; but what tells us that this is true?  What does spring mean to us?  In Italy there is a proverb: “One swallow doesn’t mean it is spring”; in the UK the proverb is almost the same except that the swallows proclaim it to be summer.  The birds take a while to fly north waiting to follow the increasing insect populations that provide the food for their young.

Returning to the idea of spring I was thinking that it was the first appearance of a particular flower that convinced me spring had arrived.  When I lived in the UK is certainly was a flower. To me daffodils WERE spring, but in Italy because of the lack of long cold winters where I live the daffodils often appear at the same time as tulips.

Spring is the moment of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth so I think that for me, now, it isn’t a flower but much more the fact that the garden and the surrounding countryside is becoming freshly green that lifts my spirits and makes me believe that Spring has truly Sprung!

Bright green fields tell me its spring

Bright green fields tell me its spring

In winter many of the fields are green but not in a new, bright fresh way they are now.  Everywhere in the garden new shoots are pushing through the soil, new foliage is opening even on evergreen shrubs giving them a new rejuvenated appearance.

There is enough grass for the sheep to be left in the field all day and not just an hour or so

There is enough grass for the sheep to be left in the field all day and not just an hour or so

Yes it is FOLIAGE that makes it spring, not a flower at all.  For this Garden Bloggers Foliage Day let me share with you some of the ‘greens’ that make it “spring”!

Bright green foliage on the pillar roses

Bright green foliage on the pillar roses

Even the Acanthus looks different in the spring sunshine

Even the Acanthus looks different in the spring sunshine

Spring light shining through tulip foliage

Spring light shining through tulip foliage

Tulips and Hemerocallus - green, green and more green

Tulips and Hemerocallus – green, green and more green

Green in the garden, green surrounding the garden, glimpses of green - foliage says it all

Green in the garden, green surrounding the garden, glimpses of green – foliage says it all

What makes it spring for you?  Is it flowers?  Is it the Foliage?  Or one particular favourite plant that whispers in your ear that spring has arrived?

…..and if you’re in the southern hemisphere I haven’t forgotten that it isn’t spring where you are but I’m sure you will forgive us longing for longer days and for our gardens to once again begin their cycle!  But we’d still love to know about the foliage in your garden as you slip into autumn.

You are very welcome to join in GBFD, just write your post and link it to your comment here, thank you.

34 thoughts on “GBFD – Spring has Sprung

  1. I think when you first see the peonies come up through the ground that seems to be spring for me. Even though we can occasionally have snow the sweatbox blooms in December and January, the hellebores bloom in February. March we have the early azaleas and rhododendrons, but it is really the peonies when we stop seeing nights that can get cold.

  2. I think where I live now it’s the hepatica that signals spring – when there is a blue carpet of them in the woods that can be seen even from the roads. I’ve only seen a few half open in sheltered spots so far this year. The pussy willow opening is also an event, as the bees will then arrive and I can “hear” spring!

  3. Hello Christina – thanks for posting and hosting. It was lovely to see your green and sunny garden after waking up to our snow this morning. It is the frantic activity of the garden, the pleasures of observing new growth every day, that really resonates with me, and it’s interesting that your first ‘Cathy’ referred to the ‘sounds’ of spring, as I posted a poem yesterday about smelling spring – it’s certainly a very sensory season, isn’t it? My snowy foliage is at

  4. Oh I have daffodils and bright foliage but also snow and more forecast overnight – I am wondering if Spring will every arrive.

    • The weather has been bad everywhere this year it seems. Even here, although today was lovely mostly there is still a real bite in the air, we’re also forecast more cold weather next week, so there does seem there is no end to it. Christina

  5. Some flowers can push through early but is seeing the surrounding trees in their fresh green leaves that really makes spring. Most trees have at least a green haze near me but it will be a little while before they are all green.

  6. Instinctively I would say Spring is yellow, for daffodils, but really, I think you are right, it is that bright fresh green that suddenly appears, coating recently bare branches with a fuzzy green coat. Every time I walk past the compost bins I look intently for signs of leaves on the still-bare branches of the hawthorn. No signs as yet, and it has been so wet I’ve not managed to get a GBFD post together yet. It may end up being about the foliage on my seedlings, and then only the ones that are in the conservatory! Its that or shots taken from inside of sodden leaves…

      • It is on the west facing side of the pergola, and you’re quite right that it needs its space. The flowers are lovely and later we appreciate the shade it creates otherwise the leaves are actually pretty ugly. The blooms smell of only which is lovely at this time of year. C

  7. Daffodils begin to flower in winter here, and so do many of the fruit blossom trees that herald spring elsewhere. I think for me it’s usually the first strong shoots on the roses and the honeysuckle, that make me feel that spring is here. They just seem to be bursting with life.

  8. Your photos look gorgeous!!! I wish spring looked like that where I live, unfortunately it’s just brought me tons of snow! Spring in my head looks like tons of colourful bulbs because the first year I ever had a garden I planted loads of mixed bulbs ready for the spring and I’ll never forget the feeling it gave me 🙂

  9. Hi, Christina and happy spring! Your photos are so beautiful! Gentle warm sunshine and the smells of fresh earth; hellebore, forsythia and daffodil blooms all tell me spring is quickly coming, but I know it has arrived when I see tree buds. Those tender newborn leaves sing to me!

  10. For me NOW- Spring starts when the Mountain Laurel blooms and the mesquite starts to leaf…
    It USED to mean spring to me when the ice started to melt away on the lake…
    Amazing how times change…

  11. I think that for me spring arrives when the hedgerows green up Christina – a really magical time when it arrives. This year it’s going to be late. Here there has been yet more heavy snow and despite the imminent arrival of British Summer Time spring seems most elusive.

  12. I think yellow from daffs and forsythia is the colour of spring for me. It’s such a shot of colour after the grey of winter. That zingy green of leaves unfurling too. There is a point when I notice the trees coming to life once again and that’s when I know spring has properly arrived. Feels more like winter here still and all us UK gardeners are getting impatient. But I’m determined the house will feel spring-like this weekend. There will be daffs, primroses and forsythia dotted about everywhere and the clocks change so the longer days are something to celebrate, even if I can only venture out when wrapped up under so many layers of clothes.

  13. Looks like you’re having better weather than us. Difficult to believe that there was a heat wave this time last year

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