GBBD – April – the sun shines and the flowers bloom

The sun shone for 3 days during the last week and so many flowers began to bloom I have been walking around the garden open mouthed at how quickly everything is growing.  The Quince tree went from bare branches to a few leaves, to full foliage plus blossom in about 4 days.

Today I will let the images speak for themselves and try to post about individual treasures over the next couple of weeks.

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I apologise for the lack of spaces between the images but uploading them together was my only option.

What I can tell you is that I am walking around with the biggest smile on my face with the joy that spring has at last arrived.  I hope it will arrive soon with you or if you’re drifting into autumn (which can I know be like a second spring in hot climates I hope you are enjoying the season.  Happy GBBD to you all.

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40 thoughts on “GBBD – April – the sun shines and the flowers bloom

  1. No wonder you go around the garden with your mouth open! I can say I’ve never seen pictures prettier than today in your blog. You always post good pics but today I had to load every one of them separately, so I could watch it closely and admire your garden. The wide vistas are the best indeed, I guess not many people can show a garden like that in april…

    • Thank you so much Alberto, I very much appreciate your very generous compliments. The tulips are amazing this year, I think due to a combination of drought last summer followed by a wet and cold winter (thank goodness some good comes of those conditions). Christina

  2. Christina, wow! What a breathtaking spectacle of spring flowers. No wonder you walk about with a smile on your face, so much beauty around you. The glowing tulips, the river of purple wisteria, fruit blossom… ah. Lovely!

  3. How could that not bring a smile to your face, it certainly did to mine Christina, what an amazing transformation. The wisteria is truly beautiful. And the tulips. Oh, everything sings with spring joy, I particularly love the wider views where you can see combinations.

  4. What an amazing kaleidoscope of colour, you certainly have a wonderful garden Christina which must give you joy every time you look out of your windows. Your Wisteria is to die for and your tulips are only something I can dream about, thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. What a wonderful display of flowers. I’m glad there were no spaces between the photos because when I reached the end I realised I’d been holding my breath. I’m off to discover more of your garden in other posts.
    Happy Bloom Day.

  6. So Beautiful! I think you must have been able to see the plants growing things seem to have moved so fast. I am in step with you on some things but a bit later with others, my Wisteria is just starting to open.

  7. Christina my mouth is still open in awe…that first shot told the whole story and the wisteria from above was magnificent…and then all the tulips dotting color throughout made my heart flutter…thanks for this color splash.

    • The garden is always ready to welcome visitors (no charge). I trained as a landscape architect but here in my area of Italy it is difficult to find many clients, in the UK my business was built up by word of mouth. Christina

  8. Gorgeous photos and I like them altogether like that! It’s great to look through. What a wonderful looking garden you have. Really amazing. I’m so pleased spring has finally arrived too! 🙂

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