My thoughts – Tulip Jan Reus

I saw Tulip Jan Reus when I visited the Chelsea flower show in May 2010 and just fell in love with the intense red colour.  I was thrilled when I placed my bulb order with Peter Nyssen that they stocked this very special variety which they describe as “chrysanthemum crimson” so really indulged myself with 100 bulbs, not too expensive at £17.

T. Jan Reus, Chelsea flower show 2010

T. Jan Reus, Chelsea flower show 2010

They were planted in Autumn 2010 and flowered well in spring 2011 and most, but not all came back in 2012.

T. Jan Reus April 12th 2011

T. Jan Reus April 12th 2011

T. Jan Reus April 5th 2012

T. Jan Reus April 5th 2012

This year there has been an explosion, I counted them yesterday and there are now 150!  They are still much the same size as they were in their first year.  So this is one I would strongly recommend if you like red!

T. Jan Reus 11th April 2013

T. Jan Reus 11th April 2013


27 thoughts on “My thoughts – Tulip Jan Reus

  1. They are absolutely gorgeous. Two of the largest tulip growers in North America are located just north of me in the Skagit River Valley. Each year they open the fields during the time they bloom to the public and hold a Festival that runs from April 1st through the end of the month. They draw between 500,000 and 1,000,000 visitors. It is truly an awesome site to see such vast fields of color. I will pass you a little video of the event which is at

  2. Amazing! I think that the wet winter may have helped – I have seen some bulbs coming back more strongly this year too. Do you feed them if so with what and when? Yvonne

    • I don’t really feed anything in the garden (except giving the roses manure and a little feed after their first flowering). My soil is tuffo which is very high in nutrients. I mulch the beds when I can. I think the sustained cold period has more to do with their success this year. Christina

  3. they look beautiful Christina, I’m not mad about bright reds which don’t seem to look right in the more subdued lighting up here but I do love rich velvety mid to dark reds, I like the way you have planted them in a river through the box balls and other greens and sages which gives a really nice background to set them off, Frances

    • I agree with you about colour and the light. Here even over bright colours work well, because the sun bleaches the colour out but I’m sure with you subtle colours work much better. Christina

  4. I am like Frances, I tend to prefer deeper rich reds to scarlet, but these look as if they might work well here, I will have to bear them in mind. Since tulips clearly do so well in the light free draining soil of the front garden it seems a waste not to use them, but I want muted shades, they seem to fit better somehow, and they don’t “shout” as loudly and distract from the view. Amazing how the quality of light changes what looks good so totally.

    • Jan Reus is certainly deep red, that’s why I liked it so much when I saw it at Chelsea. I’ll be high lighting other tulips that perform well for me, there may be some that would suit your conditions. Light by the sea is also different so stringer colours might work well with the brightly lit sea behind it. The light in spring always seems particularly bright too somehow. Christina

    • I don’t mind planting tulips, maybe because my soil is easy to plant into. Plus I love the tulips so it is a job with a lot of hope involved in it. Christina

  5. I’m not a big fan of too hot colours for spring (primary yellow or orange-red for instance) but this wine red tulip looks pretty good, especially amongst grey leaved plants as in your garden. I think it would look good even with a hint of euphorbia green around!

  6. Hi Christina,
    Your tulips are awesome!! We tent to have variety colored tulips, but yours are all one color, wine red! Love your taste!
    And thank you for inviting me to GBFD. I prefer foliage over flowers, so am little bit excited to hear that:) Of couse, I’ll perticipate in April GBFD!

    • I have lots of other colours too, but they are mostly planted in blocks of colour to give more impact. Foliage is the most important factor in a garden even if it is supporting the blooms at certain times. I believe that without good foliage the blooms don’t look really good. Christina

      • Will do. Having hectic time at the moment and am struggling to keep up with everything. Hence my late responses to posts and comments. But the weather here today is so gorgeous I need to get out and capture the garden.

  7. Wow! Don’t you just love it when tulips do that! You got your monies worth there. They’re gorgeous. Tulips are definitely one of my favourite flowers. I’ve always loved them.

  8. Beautiful! I particularly love the misted look of the Jan Reus petals which adds depth to the color and the fact that the stems are reddish black. If you can add Muscari armeniacum and Erythronium ‘Pagoda’, the picture is absolutely phenomenal on a cool spring morning.

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