Luciana’s Irises

Another friend invited me to see the Irises in her garden.  She has an amazing collection; most have been pass-along plants so I’m afraid there are no names.

If I am lucky she will pass some of them along to me when she divides them.

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12 thoughts on “Luciana’s Irises

  1. Your beautiful pictures of iris are making me think I could make more use of them in my garden too, although they already are an important part of it at this time of year.

  2. The first one looks like Aldo Ratti, bred by Augusto Bianco. And the third one looks like Bewitched, a reblooming that I have in my wish list. I think a friend of mine will buy me Aldo Ratti at a fair indeed. Beautiful irises this friend of yours.

    • They grow quickly here so that dividing is needed on a regular basis, but it isn’t a difficult job and means that I’ll be able to share them. Christina

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