Home from Chelsea

What is the first thing you do when you arrive home after a few days away?

Last evening when I arrived home from Chelsea, I didn’t even open the door of the house but immediately needed to walk around the garden to satisfy myself that all was well.

The sun was going down do the light was coming from a low angle and the garden seemed magical to me.

Even more of the roses were blooming, Madonna lilies were opening and Stipa tenuissima was wafting about in the wind, tempting me to run my fingers through it.

Sambucus and rose Scepter'd Isle in the triangular rose bed

Sambucus and rose Scepter’d Isle in the triangular rose bed

Dwarf gladioli in the large island

Dwarf gladioli in the large island

Budhlea alternifolia

Buddleia alternifolia

Trachelospermum jasinoides, hides the gas bottle from the vegetable garden, and its scent fills the air all around the garden

Trachelospermum jasminoides, hides the gas bottle from the vegetable garden, and its scent fills the air all around the garden

Cotinus catching the last rays of the sun

Cotinus catching the last rays of the sun

The slope

The slope

From the drive you can't even see the paths between the beds

From the drive you can’t even see the paths between the beds

I hate being away from home at this time of year, all the more because later in summer it will be too hot and many plants will go into summer hibernation so this is really the moment for abundance in the garden.  I did enjoy the Chelsea Flower Show and when I get my thoughts together I’ll post about my impressions.

21 thoughts on “Home from Chelsea

  1. I like how you describe the height of summer – summer hibernation. It’s true, when its so hot and oppressive out, the flowers aren’t as abundant. Your garden is beautiful!

    • The correct word is summer dormany but I like the way hibernation sounds. Here in Italy it is really a case that many plants are as dormant in mid-summer as they are in winter. Christina

  2. Lovely, beautiful photographs showing the attraction of evening sunlight. This is what I do myself when getting back from being away, checking that everything is ok. You must have been pleased to see everything flowering away and looking so beautiful. Looking forward to your Chelsea posts!

  3. magical indeed! I like that slope area a lot – I like every area a lot!

    What type of trellis did you use/make to cover your gas bottle? I need to cover my a/c…

  4. I always liked your garden, you know it, but this year really I am amazed every time I read a new post of yours… What happened? It looks as though years has passed and everything’s grown up so quickly!
    I love the picture of the cotinus with the allium and the silver background.

    I guess if you had a leak on your gas tank you wouldn’t even smell the gas with all that trachelospermum in bloom!

  5. Loving the trachelsopermum. Can’t get my asiaticum to flower for some reason. Can imagine the scent, it must be glorious. Really looking forward to hearing what you thought of Chelsea.

  6. Bentornata Christina, l’ultima immagine è veramente una poesia. Non conoscevo la buddleia alternifolia, è rampicante? Oggi da me il vento era fortissimo, ha spezzato un ramo della rosa bonica e ho temuto anche per altre piante.
    Anna Maria

  7. Your garden is looking magnificent, I can imagine you wouldn’t want to leave it just now. I am not at home at the moment and my husband showed me some of the flowers close to the door while we Skyped as he knew I’d be missing them. I am looking forward to your post on Chelsea.

    • Yes, that sounds correct. hiberation is really for animals in winter; aestivation obviously comes from the Italian (latin) for summer – estate. Thank you for putting me right. Christina

  8. No wonder you wouldn’t want to be away from home while your garden is in such a mesmerizing state. Everything you’ve shown is intriguing–the slope is especially appealing, so opposite to the view in my garden at long range.

  9. Christina, I have been catching up on your last few posts. I have been at work a lot and have missed them. I started reading the above posts about the Chelsea show and ended here. There were some wonderful gardens at the show. I actually like the M&G garden, but Christina, most of all I love your own! The very last photo of this post just takes my breath away, and it demonstrates why yours may be my favorite garden in all of blogdom! Congratulations on creating such a fabulous setting. I would hate to be away from it, too!

    • It wasn’t that I didn’t like the M&G garden, it was just that it was the same as the last few years and I feel Chelsea should not be about repeating the sam ething over and over again. Thank you for your very kind comments about my garden, it does give me a huge amount of pleasure as does yours wh I visit it virtually. Christina

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