It’s Not Pink, it’s Magenta

I promised a while ago to show you what other things are in the area now known in my head as the Magenta Zone!  Pink sounds too girly for such a strong, vibrant colour.

Here is a description I found of a newly purchased Geranium ‘Tiny Monster’ “From Rolf Offenthal at Germany’s Countess Helen Von Stein’s Nursery comes an excellent new geranium hybrid (Geranium sanguineum x Geranium psilostemon). Each plant makes a 10″ tall x 3′ wide mound of cut-leaf green foliage, topped all summer with 1″+ lavender flowers (why are the people who describe plants colour blind? – it’s clearly not lavender colour in any images let alone in life!). Unlike straight Geranium sanguineum clones which it resembles, Geranium ‘Tiny Monster’ is sterile, so more flowers will result along with no unexpected little ones appearing and begging for support.”

Geranium ‘Tiny Monster’

Geranium ‘Tiny Monster’

I bought two well grown pots which I was able to divide into 9 small plants to spread under the Arbutus tree.  I don’t usually irrigate this area so I will have to wait to see how much water it requires.

salvia, a cutting from a friend's garden (unknown name)

salvia, a cutting from a friend’s garden (unknown name)

20130504_9999_13 20130528_9999_13



The Cistus is actually not quite in the Magenta zone but I might extend the planting to reach it or I have some cuttings from it I took last year and I will plant it in the ‘zone’.

Lychnis coronaria

Lychnis coronaria

Looking along the path towards the rose

Looking along the path towards the rose

Rosa L D Braithwaite is slightly redder than the true magenta colour I have been aiming for but having moved it once I will allow it to stay.  I don’t have a good image for it at the moment, I’ll post about it again when I write about all the roses.

Achillea millefolium ‘Cassis’

Achillea millefolium ‘Cassis’

Achillea millefolium ‘Cassis’ is a lovely colour this self-seeded last year and so far seems to have come true.

Do you have a colour themed area in your garden? A classic Sissinghurst White Garden?

16 thoughts on “It’s Not Pink, it’s Magenta

  1. Christina, we have two short borders facing each other, leading to the circular lawn, which are white or meant to be, but then didn’t Gertrude Jekyll say something about a white border,to be beautiful might be crying out for a touch of blue? I’m also planting up a sunset border which gives me quite a bit of scope! I like all your magentas, they will be set off beautifully by all your lovely silver foliage.

  2. Dear Christina, you sounded a little like a lawyer here, ‘it’s not pink, it’s magenta’ made me really chuckle! 😉
    Anyway, about that geranium, which is very pretty btw, I guess they might have magenta lavender in Germany to justify such a description.
    I received that same salvia cuttings from a friend too and it’s a very tough variety. It grows quite a lot. My flowers are more reddish but I love the smell of the leaves so I keep it.

    • I’ve never been called a layer before in my life, Alberto. The geranium needs to be tough as it is half under a Arbutus and in a place I don’t usually irrigate. Christina.

  3. The view down your path toward the rose is a nice one Christina. Lychnis is something I always think of as true magenta, although most of mine currently are either red or white. I’m planning a section of mostly reds, although it is slow to take form at the moment. Have a good day.

  4. You have reminded me that I really need to sow my lychnis seeds, I want the magenta to contrast with the white I already have. I love achillea ‘cassis’, and am looking forward to planting one in the front garden once I have re-ordered the border edges. I appear to be developing a pink border in the back garden, which I keep meaning to post about but I have had visitors. It all seems to be coming together rather well, and almost entirely by accident, which is amusing given how much time I spend thinking about colour combinations of flower and foliage for the front garden!

  5. My favorite color-themed garden was red to purple to wine, which Sean Hogan called his ‘Blood & Guts’ garden. I’m working on an orange with bronze area, but it still needs a lot of editing.

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