The Slope on Tuesday 18th June

Today it is hot, very hot!  The temperatures have changed from cool spring to hot summer almost overnight.  I keep a record of the temperatures in the greenhouse than this week so far the maximum for all three days has been over 40° C, that’s over 100° F.

The slope has only changed a little from last week; the self-seeded Verbascums are beginning to open their flowers and it seems there are new plants of Eschscholzia californica which are flowering; the older plants are making seed.

Looking across the slope from the drive, Perovskia in the foreground

Looking across the slope from the drive, Perovskia in the foreground

Verbena bonarienis in the foreground,

Verbena bonarienis in the foreground,

Eschscholzia californica

Eschscholzia californica

Verbascum is making its presence felt

Verbascum is making its presence felt

You can almost feel the heat in this image!

This is what you see as you enter the gate and look to the right

This is what you see as you enter the gate and look to the right

In the above the silver leaved shrub is Buddleia ‘Silver Anniversary’  which I moved last autumn from the large island, you can read why I moved it here.

Followed immediately by this

Followed immediately by this


31 thoughts on “The Slope on Tuesday 18th June

  1. I still love the view shown in the last two photos, really like a painting. Is that 100 degrees in the greenhouse or outside? We had three days of hot weather in the low 90s around June 1, but it has been wonderfully cool and rainy since then. Actually a lot of rain with three days of record-setting rainfall in one week. But I will never complain about too much rain again, we are blessed.

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  3. Lovely Christina – I can feel the warmth of the slope from here…. it’s hot here too! The colours and the blue sky in the background are wonderful. 😀 Stay cool!

  4. Your garden is looking lovely – the mix of grasses and flowers is so natural looking. We don’t have temperatures as hot as yours here – warm, but not too hot to work outside.

    • Thank you, I wanted this area of the garden to look natural, this is achieved by having plants that naturally self-seed in the rest of the garden here and then letting them spread as they wish. Christina

  5. Your slope is beautiful and doesn’t seem to mind the heat. Our hot summer temperatures arrived suddenly also, a few weeks ago. We are OK with it, as long as we get enough rain. A summer drought can be a killer.

  6. I am envious of your heat, its due to drop here again this weekend to 14 degrees. I thought of you too yesterday, when I wrote about our visit to Villa d’Este and they had turned the fountains off due to excessive rain!

    • It is dissapointing not to see all the fountians working. Because the fountains still work entirely by gravity and the force of water from the river they have to be very careful that the system doesn’t silt up after a lot of rain. It is unusual at this time of year. Christina

  7. Hi Christina, the heat has hit you too!!! 🙂 Crazy, crazy weather, isn’t it? But your slope always looks great, it’s been designed to cope with heat and drought apparently! That verbascum is magnificent, we have them here as well, but not in my garden though.

    • Ciao Alberto, I hope you’re feeling better. The Verbascum just arrived from the fields; in England people buy plants of them so I don’t consider it a weed although I know a lot of my friends here secretly (and not so secretly) laugh at me because I am so hard working at removing weeds but I leave these!

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