The Slope on Tuesday 30th July

The weather is now very hot; high 30’s C during the day; last weekend it was close to 40°C in the shade! Despite all the rain and the water that must be stored deep in the ground the garden is shrivelling before my eyes.


Weigela is looking very stressed

Weigela is looking very stressed


The Perovskia is taller now, from the drive you can only just see over the top.

The Perovskia is taller now, from the drive you can only just see over the top.

Californian Poppy

Eschscholzia californica (Californian Poppy)

Californian poppies are flowering from new seedlings, the older plants are dry and need cutting to the ground; they will flower again in autumn.

One crop grows on the slope!  The fennel I showed with the Perovskia a couple of weeks ago is there for a purpose.  I collect and dry the flowers to add to roast potatoes, sausage risotto or dishes with Porcini (wild mushrooms).  I dry the cut flower heads on trays in an airy spot and then rub the dry flowers through a sieve and then into a jar.  You can buy them ready done in the local vegetable shops; but as they are very labour intensive to prepare they are very expensive (about €100 per kg). As there is a good crop this year I may prepare some in some pretty jars to give as little Christmas presents, it is always a much appreciated gift.

Fennel flowers ready to pick

Fennel flowers ready to pick

What is the weather doing in your part of the world?  Are you having rain or thunder storms, hail or wind or is it pleasantly warm or even too hot to bear.

The Slope on Tuesday 23rd July

The afternoon thunderstorms continued all last week until Sunday.  This week the temperatures are rising each day and we are heading into the weekend with temperatures forecast to be about 35°C.

Again the images were taken this morning with the sun at the top of the slope creating shadows and highlighting grasses. Continue reading

GBFD – Green is Cool

My apologies for not having this post up earlier.  I’m having problems accessing the net; difficult to know if this is due to local storms or just mechanical problems, then you don’t need to know all about that boring stuff.  BTW this is my 301st post!

On the days when it is hot and sunny the silvers are more silver and the purples are deeper, but today I wanted to concentrate on green.

Looking down the drive from the top, green is the only colour here

Looking down the drive from the top, green is the only colour here

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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- July’s Summer Bounty

I missed the deadline of the 15th for GBBD but I wanted to take photos for my own records so I will share with you what is flowering on the 16th July.

The rain during the last weeks combined with below average temperatures mean that the garden is a pleasure to be in and that many more flowers are blooming for a longer period of time.  Roses have usually given up by now, but there are lots in the garden.  I think the Perovskia is the best it has ever been and even Cistus are continuing to flower.  Foliage is lush; the garden is at last full of butterflies and bees and now that it has become hot the cicadas fill the air with their chattering sound. Continue reading

Visiting the Lentil Fields at Casteluccio

The July following our arrival in Italy some friends took me up to what seemed like the top of the world to see the lentil fields flowering in Casteluccio in Umbria.  We were a little early so although I enjoyed the day there wasn’t all that much to see.

I have been promising myself and my husband that we would go up one weekend when we were sure the fields would be colourful.

So nine years later we got there! Continue reading