Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- July’s Summer Bounty

I missed the deadline of the 15th for GBBD but I wanted to take photos for my own records so I will share with you what is flowering on the 16th July.

The rain during the last weeks combined with below average temperatures mean that the garden is a pleasure to be in and that many more flowers are blooming for a longer period of time.  Roses have usually given up by now, but there are lots in the garden.  I think the Perovskia is the best it has ever been and even Cistus are continuing to flower.  Foliage is lush; the garden is at last full of butterflies and bees and now that it has become hot the cicadas fill the air with their chattering sound.

As there are a lot of images I have created a slide show on flickr please click on the image below to see everything that is blooming in My Hesperides Garden.

Swallowtail on Lavender

Swallowtail on Lavender

I’m sure you’ve already visited Carol at Maydreams to see for blooms for July

39 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- July’s Summer Bounty

  1. Wonderful! The lavender, Verbena and Perovskia are some of my favourites. Could you tell me what the tall fleshy yellow flowering plant is? The seed pods are pretty too. (After the grasses and before a pink rose – if I counted right, picture 33)

    • Wow, you were really apying attention to count the number of the image. It is Caesalpinia gilliesii. Not very hardy so I don’t think it would survive your winters. It does look very exotic and this year is flowering for much longer than last year.

  2. Hi Christina, I am marvelling at your garden, your photographs are lovely, love the slide show too. We are in the midst of heatwave here, so plants have gone from lush to very parched.

    • When plants are used to having water on a very regular basis they soon suffer; mine suffered here after the very wet spring when we had a week of hot weather, now they are coping better as they are getting used to the high temperatures (mid 30’s°C)

  3. Wow, that was a wonderful slide show! I’m so glad I got myself a long cold drink of elderflower cordial before it started! Your flowers are certainly showing their appreciation of the rain you’ve had, loved you swallow tail butterfly.

    • Thanks Karen. I used to use Flickr a lot but found it very user unfriendly, it is much better now so will do more posts in this way when there are a lot of images to show.

  4. Beautiful stuff, Christina, in my garden everything is dry and I’m running forth and back with buckets. I love that burgundy spider hemerocallis with pink (pink?) yarrow and the dark sedum, a very elegant combination.

    • Yes it is pink yarrow, a bit faded now it was crimson or rather magenta! The Sedums are my cuttings from last year, they grew very well. I wanted to do more but I might be a bit late now; what do you think?

      • I don’t remember but I think I did my sedum leaf cuttings at this time of the year, last year. I still have a lot of them in little pots, I really need to have them planted asap. If you have a milder summer than usual I guess it really worths the try now.

    • You sound like I felt last year when the drought combined with high temperatures made the garden a torture rather than a pleasure. I hope it cools down soon for you.

  5. Loving the swallowtail on the lavender! I’ve just been watching those today in Provence, I am very much enjoying the Mediterranean weather! Hope you are too 🙂

    • Thank you Scott, pathways are a nice enticement into the garden and always more interesting than the individual plants. I like b
      Bloom day as record of what is flowering at one particular time but really garden is how those plants are put together don’t you think?

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