Visiting Castelluccio

When I posted about visiting the lentil fields at Castelluccio the other day I found it really hard to pick out the images that summed up just how beautiful the experience was. After using a slide show for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day I thought it would be nice to share all the photos I took of the lentil fields and road verge wild flowers. I’ve put a few names for the wild flowers I’ve identified but haven’t completed all the names.ย  If you recognise something please let me know.

Grab a coffee, tea or long cool drink and join me in Castelluccio by clicking on the image below.

20130713_9999_109 blog

32 thoughts on “Visiting Castelluccio

  1. I am at my desk, rather reluctantly slogging through a dreary report . It is a hot morning and I have the blinds closed. What a refreshement then to look at your fabulous photos. Grazie mille.

  2. Beautiful pictures, I also went back to reading that other post that I missed. CasteLLuCCio ๐Ÿ˜‰ must be a magical place to visit, particularly at this time of the year. I’m sure you also had some very good food around there, haven’t you? Did you buy some lentils? I think they have the I.G.P. mark in there, haven’t they? Those lentils must taste beautiful, especially if you close your eyes and think of the little piece of paradise where they grow!

    • Thanks for the spelling correction! Yes we bought some lentils but it is something I don’t cook very well – I don’t know why as usually I can cook almost anything.

  3. Superb photographs! A beautiful place and a botanists paradise. I bet there are lots of different kinds of bees there too :). It looks a totally flat plain surrounded by mountains, is it a long extinct volcano?

    • there were bees but because it is so high maybe not as many different kinds as you might imagine. I’m not sure if it was a volcano but all around this part of Italy there are lakes that were once volcanos. Just checked and it was once a glacier, but it does sometimes become a lake if the escape holes for water block.

  4. Quante magnifiche foto.
    La piana di Castelluccio รจ, a mio parere, un posto unico e meraviglioso.
    assolutamente da non perdere.
    Certamente giugno e luglio sono i mesi migliori per vedere i campi fioriti.
    Bel reportage.

  5. Simply breathtaking Christina! The elder looks like it’s in a lake with all those cornflowers around it. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos with us!

    • Sorry I’m late accepting this, it was placed in the spam, and I was lucky to see it. The pictures are like painting, I’m thinking of enlarging some for the wall

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