Imprint in the dust

I have mentioned before that we have a resident Little owl who uses our roof as her base; we also see various birds of prey but I never get good pictures of any of them.

Late yesterday afternoon we decided to walk along the lane and pick some Bull Rushes that were growing in the irrigation ditch;  just outside our gate we saw this impression in the dust.  I’m not sure if it is the owl or a Kestral, maybe you will be able to give me an ID.  I hope there is enough definition for you to see this!

Little Owl?

Little Owl?

or Ketral?

or Kestral?

I think you will be able to see the tail feathers and the talons as they snatched up the prey.  I don’t know what the prey was but I suppose a mouse or if it was in daylight it could be a lizard.

What unusual thingsdo you find on your walks?

15 thoughts on “Imprint in the dust

  1. Amazing, as if the bird were trying to do a self-portrait in the sand. You are lucky to have an owl using your roof as a base. We occasionally see red tailed and cooper’s hawks around our garden.

  2. I have never seen anything like that before – or probably just “over”seen it. We often get kestrels near us, and several other birds of prey that sometimes drop bits of their dinner in our garden! But I have never actually seen owls near us – we just hear them up in the woods some nights. Lovely find Christina!

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