GBBD – It’s August and there’s still Roses

The summer has been relatively kind to the garden, although some plants have become stressed in the last couple of weeks of intense heat (40’s °C). The roses especially appreciated the rain that fell even well into July.

Thanks as usual to Carol at May Dreams Garden for hosting us all; have a lovely Bloomday, the 15th is a public holiday in Italy, everybody heads to the beach to enjoy the last holiday of summer; many won’t even go to the beach after the 15th saying the season has ended even though it can still be lovely here until October.  It is also a religious holiday the Assumption of the Virgin.

Click on the image below to see every flowering in My Hesperides Garden in the middle of August.

Rosa 'Scepter'd Isle'

Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle’

22 thoughts on “GBBD – It’s August and there’s still Roses

  1. Lovely images to go with my morning coffee Christina! (Which is late today as it’s a holiday here too in Catholic Bavaria) The sunset photos are gorgeous!

  2. What a fantastic number of beautiful flowers, they certainly seem very happy in spite of all the heat you have been having, have you had to do a lot of watering?

  3. I hope you had a wonderful bloom day! I’ve been meaning to spend more time at your blog, so now I will. Once Blotanical V2 is ready, it will be easier to visit new blogs and new friends. Thanks for visiting my blog! I didn’t realized that the Italians stop going to the beach after Aug. 15! For us, it generally ends after the first weekend in September. Great post, and your blooms are lovely!

    • Some Italians obviously do still go to the beach, the weather can be lovely into October, but in their minds they think summer is over and plan to do other things.

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