The Slope on Tuesday – Change

This will be the last “The Slope on Tuesday”, because I have decided to join Ramblingwoods Nature meme which is on Tuesdays too.  I will now post about the slope on Thursdays (I don’t think it important which day it is but I am determined to continue as I’m finding it really does focus my mind to what is happening each week.  I will include the weather happenings for the week in the Nature Notes as for me that seems to fit.  While on the subject of memes, there is to be a new one hosted by Xericstyle on the first of the month showing a long view of one part of the garden; OK so this may end up looking the same for many weeks but I think it will also be fun and informative to see the ‘overview’ rather than just select areas; so a warts and all kind of post I imagine.  I’m not sure which view I’ll choose but maybe a wide view from the upstairs window which will certainly illustrate the ebb and flow of flowering and foliage interest around the garden.

As I write we’re just had an hour of quite heavy rain with thunder rumbling in the distance.  This won’t actually get posted until the storm ends as too many friends have lost their modems not to mention damaged pumps, electric gates, and burnt out computers for me to risk having these plugged in while a storm is happening.  As this is the stormy season I usually unplug everything when I go out and at night (just in case).

Usual first view looking down the slope

Usual first view looking down the slope

Seeds are forming on the fennel

Seeds are forming on the fennel

Looking across the slope

Looking across the slope



BTW there are two green leaves on the Weigela, is that enough for it to survive; it looked very similar last year so maybe it is.

You can probably see that I went a bit crazy and cut down all the Stipa tenuissima; I just couldn’t stand the brown sunburnt look and more. Some of the brown you can see is also the Californian poppies that haven’t been cut back yet, but they will be soon. Usually I comb all the golden grass out hopefully leaving some green and with the prospect of more green to come with the autumn rain. I hope I won’t regret my actions but it does mean I can see where to plant bulbs, plants or sow seeds!

Do you ever do crazy things in your garden?

Prostrate Rosemary

Prostrate Rosemary

Looking up from by the gate

Looking up from by the gate

The heavy rain has knocked the Perovskia down

The heavy rain has knocked the Perovskia down

In Italian this is know as Bella di Notte - beautiful at night, as that's when the flowers open

In Italian this is know as Bella di Notte – beautiful at night, as that’s when the flowers open

This is found growing everywhere around on the road verges and actually I don’t think I could eradicate it even if I truly wanted to.  The roots are thick and hold water so that even if some days it looks very sorry for itself, it doesn’t actually die, even without irrigation. I don’t know its scientific name, any ideas?

Now it is cloudy but with some blue sky and sunshine. This weather is more usual for after Santa Rosa (Viterbo’s saint’s day on the 4th September but this year I’m happy that the rain has come early.

Is the weather showing signs that autumn is approaching fast with you?

37 thoughts on “The Slope on Tuesday – Change

  1. I recognise your Bella di Notte. Guess what – it is called Belle de Nuit over here and is fondly kept as a garden plant albeit a very rustic one. We have the pink and lots of yellow and orange and mixes.

  2. So glad you have had some rain Christina, believe it or not, we are hoping to get some in the next couple of days, everywhere is so terribly dry, not like my garden at all. It seems your perovskia and rosemary can cope well with all your heat.

    • I hope you get some rain soon, although I imagine that under the top couple of inches your ground is quite wet. Rosemary and Perovskia are the most reliable of all the plants I grow, along with Arbutus, Cistus and Quercia ilex.

    • Hi, thank you for visiting the blog and for the nomination; I don’t usually participate in this type of award but maybe this time I will, give me a few days. Christina

  3. Glad you will continue your slope journal and look forward to seeing your other meme posts. I like the idea of seeing the wide view from the upstairs window. Are the tall skinny trees shown above Italian cypress?

  4. We’ve been longing for a good rain. It finally arrived last night and may tall plants are stooping to the ground. I guess that gets filed under “be careful what you ask for”, but I’ll still take it.

  5. The Bella di Notte sounds nice. Good that you had rain, but hope the storms subside. We have had very cool weather and I really think summer has ended now.

  6. It has been a very wet summer here in NY unlike last year when we were in drought… here on the pond, the male ducks are molting back into their breeding colors as ducks pair up in the fall… Michelle

  7. I had to look up the Bella di Notte – it looked familiar but I didn’t recognize the name, then I realized we call it Four O’clock flower here. (The name is more lovely in Italian or French…).

    I still can’t get over your perovskia – it is incredible! Such a long bloomer would be very welcome in any garden, I think.

  8. Mirabilis jalapa, I think. You seem to have a very large garden, lots of interesting texture and structure which is so valuable for winter. No I shall do some research about your plot, as I’m curious 🙂

  9. I love your Bella di Notta – I think we call those “4 O’Clocks” here….

    I have not seen any that color….gorgeous! Even scorched, your slope looks wonderful, and very natural with tons of texture. I think the heat broke here. I tell my husband that every year, and every year he thinks I am nuts. But I can’t explain it…I think the worst is over. YIPPEE!

  10. glad you have some rain Christina, I cut down all the oxeyed daisies in my alder terrace last week as they were laying prostate due to wind and rain, they were still flowering but I didn’t like seeing them flat like that, so yes I do sometimes just cut back especially when plants have been flattened,

    saying that I do though rather like the way your peroviskia has boughed over, the daisies were like that before they collapsed completely, I hope your weigela survives, the euphorbias and rosemary give some green amongst your brown, I think you have done well with your slope as there is shape, texture and interest each week, Frances

    • Thanks Frances, interestingly one of the Perovskia (which were all self-seeders on the slope) is always prostrate, maybe I should patent it. I like the way it hugs the ground, and it was like it last year too so it isn’t due to the rain this year, it is a very free flowering form.

  11. Hi Christina, I’m positive about mirabilis jalapa too. I don’t want it in my garden because it could be rather weedy but it’s a nice plant. And it’s scented too.
    Well your garden really look soaked after that rain, I can’t say it looks good but I’m glad you had your rain, wait and see what your garden will be in a couple of weeks now!
    Stupid things in the garden? Me??! Naaaaaaaah! 😉

    • I’m not keen on having Mirabilis jalapa either; it was here and however much I pull up, more grows! It isn’t anywhere I see it at night so is useless to me but I can see that it could be planted where people see it at night.

  12. Ah, when I first read this I thought you were stopping your slope posts altogether! Phew! I’m glad you’re just relocating them!! I find it fascinating looking at the slope! Even more fascinating that you ‘comb’ it! Love it 🙂

  13. A better question would be, how long can you refrain from doing something crazy in your garden? I like that prostrate rosemary, it seems to be holding up well to the scorching weather.

  14. The Bella di Notte is quite lovely. I am glad you have had some rain. We had such a wet summer, but now it has been several days without rain, and already I am fearful of a fall drought. That has happened in years past. Our summer will persist well into September, but some leaves, especially the dogwoods, are beginning to turn.

  15. We just got 3 inches in 24 hrs…I still love the slope and that rosemary is one I wish i could grow as a perennial. I do crazy things all the time..usually adding too many plants or planting aggressive plants without checking.

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