The Slope on Thursday 26th September

For the whole of the past week the weather has been hot during the day with pleasant evenings and not cold at night, today there are fluffy clouds and it isn’t so hot.

Usual view, the perovskia goes on and on!

Usual view, the perovskia goes on and on!

In the morning there is quite a bit of dew on the gravel so I assume also on the soil of the borders.  The garden has a certain freshness to it.  I am definitely wishing I hadn’t cut back the Stipa tenuissima, because if I had combed out the dead stems it would be green now instead of nasty short stalks and there wouldn’t be so much bare earth showing.

Too much bare earth is visible

Too much bare earth is visible

Solanum jasminoides alba continues to flower

Solanum jasminoides alba continues to flower

There are fewer Californian poppies than I remember from this time last year, but looking at images of last September there were only a few, the memory plays tricks, a good reason for documenting exactly what is blooming. I was still away for September bloomday but I’m going to photograph everything flowering today as a record for me, too late to post them.

P1120010Great colour of the Californian Poppy against low speading thyme.

What’s surprising you in the garden this week.

14 thoughts on “The Slope on Thursday 26th September

  1. Thos poppies have been lovely on your slope all summer – It’s nice at this time of year to have such a bright orange. My memory also plays tricks and I kept thinking my asters are late as they are only just opening… a quick look back confirms they always wait till the second half of October!

  2. My repeated sowing of Californian poppies has only begun to pay off in the past two or three weeks. Slugs haven’t been too much of a problem this year but they did love these tiny blue-grey seedlings. Dave

  3. I love the cheery orange flowers of the Californian poppy – they seem to reflect the low autumnal sunlight. Most of the flowers are starting to fade here, but the annuals like cosmos and scabious are still going strong. Your perovskia is looking good still – how many weeks has it been flowering for now?

    • Since at least the 15th June, it was flowering for June Bloomday. Very good value plant, should carry on now until there is a frost, which is not usually before the end of October but could be later.

  4. Your sage is captivating! Just the plant that I would imagine looking lovely in Italy. It is always a joy to see your garden, Christina!

    We recently watched Monty Don’s tour of Italian gardens. I understand now why so many think that garden design had its high point in Italy! Just beautiful.

    • Green is our impression but as Monty explained it wasn’t true! Renaissance gardens were filled with flowers, often for every day of the year; what remains is the box, yew, and bay hedges, beautiful in themselves but not the whole story.

  5. I do love Californian poppies. I grow a really pretty ivory coloured one which seems to work better in the more northerly light we get here. Saying that I didn’t sow any this year and they don’t tend to self sow very well in my wet soil. I must remember to sow some next spring.

    • I’ve had that lovely ivory coloured one too, I love them all and they are all growing back now so if the weather stays warm, they’ll flower again, if not then in spring.

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