The Slope on Thursday 31st October

Another sunny day!  Every day that is as good as this is treasured as we approach November; time is really flying now; it seems only last week I was saying it was incredible that it was the end of September!

Apart from last Thursday when it rained and thundered for the best part of the day the last seven days have been lovely.  The olives are harvested and the oil safely stored so all is well with the world.  I’ll post about the harvest and how they were made into oil in the next few days.

The usual view, sorry the sun is making distortion in the top corner

The usual view, sorry the sun is making distortion in the top corner

Still a few blue Perovskia

Still a few blue Perovskia

Eschscholzia californica

Eschscholzia californica are putting on a late show



The salvia is going from strength to strength

The salvia is going from strength to strength

Tulbaghia violacea

Tulbaghia violacea


Looking up from the gate

Looking up from the gate


Arbutus tree at the very top of the slope really on the slope path

Arbutus tree at the very top of the slope really on the slope path is full of flowers and bees enjoying a late source of nectar

P1120375The ground in covered again now with new growth and new seedlings and the rosemary is flowering, attracting many bees and butterflies.

Kochia trichophylla (scoparia)

Kochia trichophylla (scoparia) contrasting with Euphorbia mysenites

What is happening weather-wise in your part of the world?  I know the UK has had some bad storms, has your garden suffered any damage, I sincerely hope not.

25 thoughts on “The Slope on Thursday 31st October

  1. Your slope is looking well furnished with lots of lovely foliage and you still have so many flowers to keep your bees happy. I found that my Hypericum prolificum has lost 2 of its main branches, I must have missed it on Monday when I checked round the garden after the storm. All the mess from Monday has now been cleared and we are back to normal thank goodness, the weather is very calm today.

  2. It’s looking so green and lovely again Christina. I do love the effect of those flowers on the Arbutus. And isn’t your Perovskia amazing… still flowering! The last picture is interesting. I don’t know Scoparia, so will have to look that one up. Look forward to seeing the post about the olives. Have a happy Halloween! (Has it caught on in Italy? A non-event here! Some people got to fancy-dress parties in the pubs, but that’s about all!)

    • Halloween has been adopted in England although we have another festival on 5th November when we celebrate Guy Fawkes trying to blow up parliament! Here in Italy it is All Saints day tomorrow so a public holiday when everyone goes to the cemetery to take flowers to family graves.

  3. Everything looks so green and cool. Here things are still pretty green, though there is more fall color and today we are having a very soggy Halloween. I love that picture of those grasses – are they Pennisetum?

  4. This has been an incredible month of sunny days and chilly nights, making for the best Autumn color in recent memory. First frost arrived on the 28th…a little early, I think. Now the rains will set in and things will shut down. No complaining here…it was a great run.

  5. Looking good Christina! How lovely to have had such good weather for your olive harvest. I’m kickig myself, I was sent seed for Kochia trichophylla but didn’t get around to sowing any. I’m not entirely sure where I would have put it, but it would have been a nice problem to have. Weather has been mild here too, though the wind and the rain arrived this evening along with a drop in temperature. The storm missed us though.

  6. Looking up from the gate is just stunning!!! What a gorgeous garden you have, I could look at your photos for hours. Your Perovskia is really impressive – a true hero in the garden I think, it seems to have lasted for ages now and it’s just lovely.

  7. I also was shocked at how quickly Oct flew by us…and it was good weather until our freeze last the garden is done but with a slight warm up right after the freeze who can tell…maybe next week I will see a bloom or 2….of course nothing like yours. Can’t wait to see the olive posts.

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