The Long View – November 1st

The borders are looking more filled in as the foliage expands with the cooler weather.  When I look at the garden now I feel a sort of contentment that I never feel when it is hot in August.

Leaning out of the window this is what I can see.

The long view

The long view

I’d like to add another tree to the Drive border mid way between the Cyprus and the top of the drive, there is thyme planted in this area at present. Maybe another Arbutus?

The Arbutus (on the left) is full of flower and when I walk past the bees buzz in a most busy-sounding way.

The Arbutus (on the left and another in the foreground) is full of flower and when I walk past the bees buzz in a most busy-sounding way.

Arbutus tree on the slope  path

Arbutus tree on the slope path

Asters are the most obvious flowers in the view now

Asters are the most obvious flowers in the view now







The countryside is green

The countryside is green

I’m probably going to remove the Leylandii that you can see to the left of the greenhouse, it will open up the view and we’ll see more of the sunset in summer; the garden doesn’t need their protection from the wind here.

I’m linking with Xericstyle for this once a month long view of the garden; why not check out the view in other gardens.  It’s good to zoom out to see the overall effect, easier to see what is missing and what is working well, which might be something different to what you’re thinking.

38 thoughts on “The Long View – November 1st

  1. Hi Christina, I really like these long views, very interesting. I love the subtle tapestry effect of the different foliage colours and textures evident in that first shot. Repeating the Arbutus there makes a lot of sense – removing the leylandii even more! I think I need some white asters in my wall border to keep the colour going, perhaps near the ceanothus. So pretty, as long as their knees are well covered!

  2. I love asters for their late colour but I’m not so keen on the straggly stems. Have you ever been to Picton gardens near Malvern? They have a National Collection of asters and it is stunning.

  3. I’m loving your asters! I have some too, aren’t they just fantastic! I adore your garden and catching up on your blog is definitely one of my favourite things to do! I just love cyprus trees, they remind me of everything that I love about Italy and France, gorgeous! One day I WILL have one of my own 🙂 🙂 !!

  4. The view from your upstairs is beautiful, so much texture and the silver leaved plants contrast with the green of the surrounding countryside. Asters are so good for extending the flowering season, mine have just come to the end of their flowering, but we have been able to enjoy them for such a long time.

  5. Fall can be a season of such mellow contentment. I’m a lover of asters. There’s a wild white aster here called S. divariticus, white woodland aster. Also, have you tried Boltonia, or False Aster?

  6. November seems to hold back where you are, maybe because of all the evergreens. I fell in love with Aster divaricatus on a garden visit recently, looks like a Clematis. Maybe a third columnar tree would balance your design which is very beautiful.

  7. Your long view is wonderful – it’s so different from the situation I’m in, where no photograph is possible without showing neighboring structures right and left. What species of Arbutus is that? It’s certainly loaded with flowers.

  8. Not just the garden is looking lovely, but your view beyond across the fields is so green now too. The white asters are lovely -especially with the specks of red mixed in – salvia?

  9. What a change with all the fresh green growth. I’m not a fan of fall in general but the cooler temperatures and rebirth for your winter must be a nice change…. here everything jut dies off! 😉

    • I miss the autumn colours but I very much enjoy the pleasant weather we’re having at the moment. Sometimes its nice until Christmas, January and February are usually very cold.

  10. Breathtaking! I love the silver/ white/ greens and the sweep of it all. How do you get anything done with such a view from your window? Of course, I know you get plenty done in the garden as it entices you to come out and play!

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