7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I’ve just got home and rushed out to see my saffron – I couldn’t believe your post. However, I have no flowers this year. Mine were starting to get crushed and in a bad position so I dug them up after they flowered last year and replanted them at the end of August. I thought they had all died as they only started to peep through a month ago. They have all come up – but no flowers. Commercial growers plant them annually in the Limousin so perhaps the no show is down to the strange seasons this year.
    Your saffron is lovely!

    • Hi Amelia, actually the photo is from a couple of weeks ago; the crocus always seem to flower when we harvest the olives and that’s when I saw the first few this year. Commercial growers pick the entire flower so I assume that’s why they replant every year; I just pull out the stamens, it is very special to be able to use my own saffron even though it is only a small amount, enough for just one good risotto!

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