GBFD – Autumn colour?

I often complain that there is no autumn colour in my garden, but this month I can claim to have some!

At last some colour! This is Persimmon

At last some colour! This is Persimmon

Lonicera, honeysuckle

Lonicera, honeysuckle

Lonicera, honeysuckle has lovely pink leaves at present; they’re hanging on too which is a bonus when even green leaves have been ripped from stems and branches by strong winds.

Lonicera, honeysuckle

Lonicera, honeysuckle


Melia azedarach is beginning to show some buttery yellow foliage, but these leaves usually fall very quickly to reveal their bright yellow berries, which stand out beautifully again a blue sky.

new foliage on Quercus ilex

New foliage on Quercus ilex

Look how much new foliage the Quercus ilex have put on during autumn, that’s more than in most springs!

Acca sellowiana, Feijoa

Acca sellowiana, Feijoa

Acca sellowiana, Feijoa has also benefited from the warm wet autumn this year; it is better for the plants to put on new growth now rather than in spring as often the plant can’t sustain the foliage put on in spring which might be followed by a very dry July and August as happened this year.  Lots of shrubs and trees put on masses of new growth, more than I’d ever seen before because of the very wet spring but then the new growth shrivelled and died due to the drought in August.  New growth now has time to become strong enough to withstand drought conditions.

Lots of bright new foliage on Buxus, box

Lots of bright new foliage on Buxus, box

What foliage is attracting your attention this month; is it colourful autumn tints or new growth that is making the most impact?

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33 thoughts on “GBFD – Autumn colour?

    • Thanks Caroline, it is nice to have a little autumn colour in the garden, I think I should try to find some more trees that are more likely to give some colour, even here.

  1. Oh yes, you do have some lovely foliage! The Persimmon and Honeysuckle leaves are particularly interesting. Most of the deciduous trees here have lost their leaves here, so we’re left with evergreens and mosses. Soon snow will cover it all. I did a post a few days ago that includes some foliage:

    • Hi Pauline, thank you for joining in GBFD again this month, we’ve had strong winds here this week too, and thunder and lightening threatening to break the electric system!

  2. That last photo looks almost “frosty”! My Valerian seedlings, Aquilegias and Sweet Williams are still green, but barely growing. And the roses are still green. Autumn colour is over, and everything else seems to be shutting down for winter now. Time for some frost and snow…

  3. You have the whole range of colours, from the fresh green of new growth through to autumnal pinks and yellows – beautiful. There are some lovely oranges and yellows on the trees here now, it’s been a good autumn for colour.

  4. The Persimmon is pretty, and I also have Melia azederach which is turning gently yellow-green. Horrible weather here but still lots of colour, Acer griseum and Virginia creeper looking great.

    • Usually the Melia will turn butter yellow before all the leaves drop, but it is late this year so may not give such good colour. I love Acer griseum, but it wouldn’t like the climate here!

  5. Your colours do indeed look fresh, Christina, as someone else said. Does your persimmon bears fruit? It has suddenly become available quite cheaply in the supermarkets here – grown in Spain, I think. My post is at (and for those who missed the acers at Westonbirt see

  6. Lovely colours on the persimmon, and it’s great to see the new growth on the evergreens. In my garden I don’t have many plants with particular autumn colours, apart from the Acer palmatum and it has finished already.

  7. I love that scene with the box, lavender and perovskia. Even now at the end of the year it still looks great with the foliage contrasts and interesting form. I need to keep it in mind for my own garden!

  8. Your persimmon foliage is beautiful! I was amazed by the lovely colors of my own persimmon trees this year. I was thinking only of fruit and not foliage when I planted them, so the fall colors were a happy surprise. Fall is always a good time for our plants to put out new growth. Like you, our summers often put a lot of stress on spring time’s new growth.

    Also, thank you for your kind comment on my last post!

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