GBBD December surprises

You could well be forgiven for thinking that I’d uploaded the wrong file of images to Flickr this month.  The abundance of roses and salvias make you think more of May than December!  Perhaps the only really seasonal plant is Mahonia.  I moved the Mahonia from by the drive where I should have been able to enjoy the flowers and perfume through the winter to the back border because the other position was in full sun in a border I never irrigate and this didn’t suit the Mahonia at all, I even thought it had died in August.  Now it is in light shade and will receive regular irrigation throughout summer.  I hope it will grow large and make its presence felt in the border.

The roses that you can see in the slide show include R. Molineux (the bush is covered not just the odd bloom), R, Rimosa on the pillars again with many blooms from the base to along the pergola.  R. Clair Matin on the west facing pergola is also giving a good show.  R. Old blush is lovely even if the flowers are heavy for the new stems and all the blooms tend to be facing down.  R. Sophie’s Perpetual, R. Tradescant and R. William Shakespeare also have several blooms even if this morning they were all covered with heavy dew and I think it unlikely they will last very much longer.  R, Rhapsody in blue has some very beautiful flowers; it seems not to mind the cold weather at all.  But very best of all is Rosa mutabilis which is looking a good a at any time during the year.

The miniature pomegranate has had flowers since September when the full size specimen was already full of fruit.

Click on the image of R. mutabilis below to see all that is blooming in my Hesperides Garden today.

Rosa mutabilis

Rosa mutabilis

What’s blooming in your winter garden today.  Link with Maydreams garden to see Carol’s blloms plus a whole lot more from around the world.

26 thoughts on “GBBD December surprises

  1. Wow! You’re not kidding, some of those bushes look like May! (minus the heavy dew) . It must be nice having all the green and the late blooms, hope they still last a while longer…
    Here there is nothing but snow :/

  2. Wow, so many gorgeous roses. I had completely forgotten about GBBD before I saw this. Maybe it’s the 6″ of snow covering everything outside. I would really like to have ‘Clair Matin’.

  3. Lovely – particularly the yellow rose! Yes, hard to believe it’s December in your garden too, or am I in a time warp! Love your sunshine too Christina!

  4. Gorgeous selection of summery flowers! You certainly have plenty flowering at the moment it must make gardening a pleasure at the moment. Here it is just dull, wet and grey!

  5. You are so right, it is hard to imagine a garden with so many beautiful flowers in December. I have my favourites like the T.fruticans but I am coming round to the R. mutabilis as it looks so lovely.

  6. Quite amazing Christina! A fantastic selection of blooms. You would think gardening would be more popular in Italy, given the growing conditions and long season that you have.

  7. Oh those roses! And in December! I am green with envy. Here we are so pathetically pleased to have any chilly-looking withered flowers hanging on. Your garden is fabulous.

  8. So many roses still in bloom! Unlike me, you clearly didn’t need to go on a scavenger hunt looking for blooms to photograph. I think my plants are confused by our weather – the temperatures were in the 60s(F) last week and now climbing back toward 80 degrees.

  9. Nice to see so many flowers in the depths of winter. Any flowers that were still on the plants here have been blown away in the storms we’ve had over the last couple of weeks. Although there is still a small splash of purple from the salvia viridis…

  10. Yes, I do think you got your spring photos mixed up with more recent ones! I saw an iris in bud next to an artemesia! And your roses are reveling in your obviously mild temps! Your garden is gorgeous! Here, after several hard freezes, there are no flowers and few leaves except for the evergreens, but I dream of next spring…

    • It is strange because we had frosts every morning for 2 weeks but the temperatures didn’t go much below freezing and so all are happy, the last few mornings there was no frost but very heavy due and more plants look unhappy with that than the frost so who know exactly what happens inside the plant?

    • I’m so sorry you couldn’t see the images, it worked on my iPad when I was showing someone, but I know sometimes it doesn’t work so well with tablets, I’ve no idea why

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