All Change Please

Firstly sorry there is no the Slope on Thursday this week.  There was torrential rain all day yesterday and it has continued all this morning; I’m kicking myself as on Wednesday there was a wonderful heavy frost and I should have taken lots of photos then instead I was intent on sowing tomato seeds – probably far, far too many but hey, I like the reliable ones I know but also plant to try some new ones as well. Continue reading


The Slope on Thursday 16th January

Monday was a reasonable day, Tuesday it rained heavily from half way through the night until about 2pm, Wednesday was gloriously sunny all day followed by a cold night and today, Thursday, it’s grey and tomorrow it is forecast to be grey in the morning with rain in the afternoon.  So nothing to become bored with!  Everyone keeps telling me that much colder temperatures are predicted to arrive soon.  Some very cold weather is always good.  Continue reading

GBBD still more summer than winter

Bloomday has been sunny and warm but when I took the photos this morning everything was wet; wet from the rain yesterday and from the frost that enveloped the garden in the latter part of the night.  As before Christmas the temperature seems to have only fallen to zero or perhaps one degree below. Continue reading