Catching Up

Having been away for a couple of weeks over Christmas there is lots to catch up with.  The weather while we were away was mild with some rain (in the greenhouse the maximum temperature was 39.8°C with a low of 0.6°C; these extremes didn’t cause any of the plants to suffer, indeed some small plants of Pak Choi are growing very well making me wish I had planted more things that could have been used as salad leaves).

New Year’s Eve and Day were amazing; sunny and warm to the extent that had we not been with friends for lunch yesterday we would certainly have eaten outside it was so warm, even when sitting still.

I thought I’d combine my links to memes all in one go so imagine it’s still Monday for Cathy’s A vase for Monday.  I actually picked the flowers for the dinner party I was giving on NY’sE; I truly didn’t expect there to be so many perfect roses to use.

P1130003 P1130001 I used 8 blooms of Rosa Molineux and three Iris unguicularis; for foliage and some sweet smelling flowers too of Eleagnus augustifolia plus silver foliage from Santolina, Artemisia ‘Powys Castle’ and Senecio cineraria.  I included a huge candle to complete the arrangement.


The slope looks much as it did in December, more of the Californian poppies have been removed to give the rest a chance to grow properly and so that other plants are strangled.

The usual view, a little more open as i've cut back the Perovskia here

The usual view, a little more open as i’ve cut back the Perovskia here

Many Californian Poppies have been removed

Many Californian Poppies have been removed

I've cleared around the Irises so that they aren't stangled

I’ve cleared around the Irises so that they aren’t stangled

Looking up from the gate

Looking up from the gate

The long view this month again doesn’t look very different from December; the crab apple has now lost all its leaves so that the brightly coloured fruits are now the main focus.  I’ll link this in with Heather at Xericstyle when her post is up.

The long view

The long view

Close up the 'nose' of the large island

Close up the ‘nose’ of the large island


First Anemone of the year

First Anemone of the year sorry its a bit blurred from this far away

Glowing crab apples

Glowing crab apples

I also took a photographic inventory of everything blooming on 31st December which contained some surprised but perhaps that’s enough for today and I’ll tell you what was flowering in a couples of days.

It only remains to wish you all very Happy Gardening in 2014.  With all my very best wishes, especially to those of you who comment regularly and who are my virtual gardening friends, thank you for all your helpful and encouraging comments during 2013; I’ll look forward to reading about your gardens in 2014.

41 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. How wonderful to have such warm weather at New Year! Happy gardening in 2014 too, and I look forward to seeing your garden through another year Christina! xx

  2. You got out of England just in time, we await yet another storm.
    Your garden is looking lovely. With best wishes for 2014 and I look forward to seeing how it all blossoms in the Spring and Summer.

    • Thank you for your good wishes, I’m sorry another storm is on the way. We were relatively lucky as the storm damage was minimal where we were. Keep warm and safe. Christina

  3. Your arrangement turned out quite well. It’s great you have irises and roses to kick off a new year. Looking forward to your gardening features in 2014. Here’s to a Happy Year! Susie

    • I was pleased to be able o use only flowers from the garden for a table decoration on 31st December other years I’ve bought flowers but this is more satisfying. Christina

  4. Happy New Year Christina. Your crab apple looks wonderfully laden, do you pick them or are they for the birds to enjoy? Best wishes for a happy gardening 2014.

  5. You make me feel foolish for living so far North! The garden looks great, and it seems like you’ve been very busy cutting back and straightening out. There’s plenty of space for new blooms to fill in! Speaking of new blooms, I think I need to take another tour through your archives, I need a dose of poppy and anemones.

  6. Your table decoration is delightful, such beautiful soft colours that go so well together. Your crab apple is amazing with all its fruit, I would certainly be making some crab apple jelly if I could pinch some fruit from the birds!

    • The birds don’t eat the crab apples, maybe because they don’t really recognise what they are! I make jellies from so many things I don’t really need to use the crab apples which give me so much pleasure during the winter. Thank you again for the seeds, I’ll be sowing them very soon.

  7. Great “vase on a monday”, Christina! Only goes to show how wonderful it is to live further south. The other day I did a count of flowers in my garden and had about 17 or 18. I have only moved “south” two years ago but I’m so much enjoying my garden now which used to be buried under tons of snow for months. Enjoy the mild weather and have a great year too 🙂

    • Yes, I am more and more aware that although there are vast numbers of plants that won’t grow here because it is too hot in summer, others start very much earlier and then re-flower from mid-September onwards making the growing season very long.

  8. Hi Christina,

    How lovely! Very jealous to be able to sit outside comfortably – Sunday last week was surprisingly warm in the sun here too. I almost felt I could sit outside – in the sun.

    Which Crab apple do you have? I’ve always wanted ‘red sentinel’ and plan to have one when I move. The aim is to attract winter thrushes and perhaps even waxwings in winter.

    • If it makes you feel any better, you certainly wouldn’t want to be sitting outside today! I have two crab apples; Golden Hornet loses its fruit very quickly, they just drop (if I’m going to make jelly, I use this fruit) and Everest where the fruit stays on the tree right into the following summer. The birds here don’t eat the fruit.

  9. Ciao Christina, ti faccio anch’io tantissimi auguri di buon anno. Spero ti siano arrivate le mail, a me risultano tra la posta inviata, spero anche di riprendermi un po’ per ricominciare a lavorare in giardino! La primavera non è poi così lontana..

    • Sì, è arrivato l’email, grazie. Spero che ti riprenda velocemente; mi dispiace che sei stata male. Spero anch’io che la primavera non sia molto lontana. A presto

  10. Hi Christina: What a lovely arrangement! I don’t think I’ve seen such a pretty arrangement of Roses, Irises, and evergreens before! I’m envious of your mild weather, as we’re having a deep, deep freeze over here in the U.S. this week. Your garden always looks wonderful–no matter what the season. Happy New Year!

    • Glad you’re still enjoying that view. I do intend taking more images of longer views rather than individual blooms this year, except for Bloomday of course as I think it tells you more about how the garden is performing.

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