A vase on Monday 6th January

What kind of arrangement suits Twelfth Night?  I’m not sure but I thought it should contain an element of Christmas or in my case some of the foliage from the New Year’s Eve table decoration, something that speaks of the passing of the year (something dead) so I included from rose hips from R. Sally Holmes and the dead flowers of Sedum plus I felt some hope for the year to come should be included so I picked some Abutilon which will flower until it becomes very cold, then begin again in late spring.  So although I rather think it is frowned upon to include dried and fresh flowers in the same arrangement that is what I’ve done including also the foliage of Photinia, Nandina domestica and the seed heads from a Miscanthus.  I hope you like it and will also visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to see what others have managed to scavenge from their winter gardens.

Photographed outside but now in the kitchen

Photographed outside but now in the kitchen

A mixture of dried seedheads, very foliage and flowers of Abutilon

A mixture of dried seedheads, very foliage and flowers of Abutilon

21 thoughts on “A vase on Monday 6th January

  1. I am impressed by your Abutilon … I have tried but either the summer heat or the winter cold has defeated me. Is this a particuar variety? By the way, my Iris Unguicularis suddenly came into flower Yesterday. As usual my garden is a couple of weeks behind yours.

    • The Abutilon, is, as in all things that seem to grow well a plant given to me by a friend that was a cutting from her own plant. It did get killed right back to the ground 2 winters ago and quite a lot last year too, before that it was a huge bush taking up 3 times the space it does now. My friend’s is in a more protected position and hers is still enormous! My Iris was a bit later this year, I think it needs cold to flower so I’m surprised yours is behind mine. A very happy new year to you and good gardeing in 2014.

  2. I agree with Jason – frowned upon by whom? Let’s put what we like in our vases! And Christina, I SO liked the thought you put into your arrangement, the passing of the old year and hope for the new one – this is exactly the sort of thinking I would hope to inspire with this challenge, a kind of spiritual creativity. It definitely feels like scavenging at this time of year – but yours is a lovely blend of scavenged scraps!

  3. I think the combination of dried and fresh flowers is beautiful and provides a dynamic that lacks in an all-of-the-same arrangement. I especially like how you represent the old and new years! Very well done!

  4. Like Cathy I too love the thought you put into this vase whereas mine was a bit of a desperate scramble! I have an orange abutilon flowering right now too. It’s getting a bit big for it’s boots so I might have to move him so he can spread his roots without bullying the plants next to him. Great vase!

    • My Abutilon was huge, I moved mine to the back border and added other orange flowers; then in the very cold winter two years ago it was killed almost back to the ground, it regrew to only be knocked back again last year. It is growing well, if it is very cold this year I may cover it with some fleece.

    • Thanks Donna, glad you like the new look, the theme I was using being obsolete a while ago but I was slow to choose a new one, does everything else look more or less the same to you?

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