A Vase on Monday – Needs Must

As I mentioned the weather has been very mild since we returned from the UK on 29th December.  For my vase today I could have used more roses; R. Molineux and R. Old Blush are both full of good looking blooms if with stems that are rather short for a vase being I would have to use oasis again.

But as I was looking around the garden this weekend I saw something that spurred me into action.  The Miscanthus and other grasses were sending up lots of new stems!!!!!!!!!

I usually cut back all the grasses in March and if the winter has been cold there will not be too much new growth to avoid when pruning; I love seeing the grasses in their winter form adding movement and beauty to the garden so I leave them as long as possible but with the amount of new growth already some drastic action was needed.  But I didn’t want to lose the flowers completely so I cut lots to keep for some vases and even maybe an arrangement for later, to sit in the kitchen fireplace when I don’t want to use it for cooking anymore.

The result for today’s vase is just a few of the different grasses plonked into a vase for the mantelpiece in the sitting room; I will improve the arrangement but just for today I don’t dislike its rather natural rustic appearance.

A vase from the garden

A vase from the garden

Grasses include Miscanthus sin. 'Morning Light', a Pennisetum and an Eragrostis

Grasses include Miscanthus sin. ‘Morning Light’, a Pennisetum and an Eragrostis

P1130150Do join Cathy at Rambling in the garden to see her pretty vases (inkwells) of Hellebores and other peoples take on what the garden can offer today in mid January.


28 thoughts on “A Vase on Monday – Needs Must

  1. Oh Christina – it just shows how ‘simple’ and ‘plonking’ shouldn’t be underestimated! I don’t think they need rearranging at all, and the colour and shape of your vase are just perfect. This challenge really seems to be encouraging us to look at things in a slightly different way – I know I wouldn’t have been cutting and plonking at all if I hadn’t taken it on board and already I have gained so much pleasure from it.

    • Yes, I agree completely; I always hated cutting things from the garden to bring indoors to die (my thought) but I, too, am enjoying having flowers or foliage from the garden inside. The vase is fun it is part of a pair that make ‘one’ but can be placed flat against a wall if you use just one. I’ll try to show how it works andother time.

  2. I love your use of the grasses Christina – I planted a few grasses into my borders in the autumn but have not grown them before. I know I should cut them down around the end of February, but would you wait until you can see new green growth or just cut them back whatever. I really hope they will make it through the winter.

    • When you cut back grasses depends on what type they are. Miscanthus should be cut back in early spring BEFORE they come into growth, as the growing tips can be damaged if you do it too late, that’s why I was shocked that mine were already in growth. Stipa tenuissima is best if you just pull (comb) out the dead thatch from the previous year leaving the new green leaves.

  3. Thank you Christina – mine are miscanthus but there is no sign of new growth yet. I think I had better move my planned date to cut them down – they are in a very sheltered bed so could start into growth quite soon if yours are already growing.

  4. Christina: I think this is a wonderful idea, to make a point to collect plants from the garden for display even during the “off” season. I guess even those of us in very cold climates can find seed heads and grasses to gather. Your arrangement is lovely!

    • Thank you, if it hadn’t been for Cathy starting this meme I wouldn’t be picking from the garden as I always think the blooms look better there, but I am really enjoying finding things for a vase. I have lots of other seedheads and will try to do a ‘proper’ arrangement with them all.

    • Yes, I understand exactly what you mean. I really want a dedicated cuttings garden so I don’t feel like that. Doing this excercise of picking something every week is helpful in knowing what would be good to grow just to pick.

  5. I really like grasses and cut some for indoors too. I only have four garden plants in flower, I counted after your post a couple of weeks ago, I think you had in excess of 30 with your roses, so the grasses are actually quite uplifting currently. I really like your vase too, its works perfectly.

  6. Grasses are much underrated for cut flower growing. I devote a section on my cut flower patch to them. It’s strangely mild here too. Still plenty of time for snow though. Lets hope not.

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