GBBD still more summer than winter

Bloomday has been sunny and warm but when I took the photos this morning everything was wet; wet from the rain yesterday and from the frost that enveloped the garden in the latter part of the night.  As before Christmas the temperature seems to have only fallen to zero or perhaps one degree below.

There are still more ‘summer flowers’ than those I would prefer to be enjoying, i.e. those blooms that signal spring is on the way.

Teucrium will flower now until May

Teucrium will flower now until May

Anemone Sylphide in the crimson zone

Anemone Sylphide in the crimson zone

Anemone Sylphide with its frill of foliage

Anemone Sylphide with its frill of foliage

Yellow Crocus making the garden feel a little more spring-like

Yellow Crocus making the garden feel a little more spring-like

Monday I saw the first Crocus open in the sun in the garden, today they were closed because it was early but they are fully opening their hearts to the sun now.

Click on the Crocus image above to see everything blooming in My Hesperides Garden today.

One winter plant I forgot to include was Viburnum tinus but that flowers over such a long period I won’t forget that it was flowering today.

Visit Carol at MayDreams to find what’s blooming in gardens all over the world, from true summer gardens to some that are very wintery indeed.  Why not join in too, it’s a great way of keeping a record of what’s flowering every 15th of the month.

32 thoughts on “GBBD still more summer than winter

  1. You have so many lovely things in bloom Christina. I love that Anemone Sylphide. Do your roses ever get a rest? They look as pristine as summer roses. The first crocus opening must surely be a sign of spring.

    • The roses need a rest Liz as I said to Pauline above. But apart from some like Sally Holmes being singles rather than doubles most of the roses are ‘good’ flowers not just tail-enders.

  2. You have so many wonderful flowers, certainly more like summer, as you say. My crocus leaves aren’t even up yet, its always good when their flowers join the snowdrops. Your roses are all superb, we cut ours back a long time ago, do yours have a rest at all or do they just carry on until the summer?

    • The roses NEED to be pruned Pauline, and I will do them before the end of January even if I am cutting off lots of flowers. The wet and the cold of last night had some effect in that the peppers are now ready to be pulled up and the beds prepared for the next crops! The Crocus were a surprise as I hadn’t seen the the foliage.

    • NO! it isn’t normal for the roses to be flowering like they are. The R. mutabilis will flower most of the time but the others shouls have lost their leaves and be dormant so I can prune them.

  3. That Anemone sylphide is delightful – I must look it up. Your roses are beautiful and I enjoyed using the gallery to view your pictures – does this mean you use less space on WordPress?

    • I don’t know why Sylphine is so much ealier than the other Anemones but even one in a shadier part of the garden is budding ready to flower. The slide show is on Flickr which gives you masses of free space so yes it doesn’t use the space on wordpress. Makes it easier to load a lot of images too.

  4. In southern California, we’re also experiencing unseasonably warm weather. While it makes it pleasant to work outside, it leaves me wondering what the rest of the year will bring, especially as we’re not lucky enough to get the rain you’ve received. Your flowers are wonderful – happy GBBD!

  5. What a great slideshow Christina! It seems your light frosts haven’t done any damage at all. It’s lovely to see all your blooms and dream of spring and what’s to come here! 😀

  6. Wow i love how they look, like some colored serrated leaves. This is my first visit here, Happy New Year. It’s nice to hear that some places like yours in temperate countries are not in deep snow like the rest of what i see in the blogs. You know in the tropics, we only have wet and dry seasons.

  7. I clicked onto your post and photo of the Teucrium expecting this to be a review of plants in flower last summer! I really liked the clever slide show too. Its quite amazing you have so much in flower. Its grey and dreary here but lots of rain around. Winter Jasmine and Hellebores being the mainstay.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the slide show, I think it is easier to see the blooms in this way. I can’t grow hellebores here, it’s too hot so don’t underestimate the pleasure they bring.

    • This is early for tulips! They haven’t made an appearance in the garden yet but I can just see some shoots in one of the pots; they were last year’s so I don’t know how well they’ll flower.

  8. Lovely photos, especially the anemones, I have Anemone coronaria ‘Cristina’ and ‘Sylphide’ on my wish list they are both gorgeous. Over here in London the snowdrops and hellebores have started flowering but most of my crocuses are in shade and are taking their time. Happy GBBD!

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