The Slope on 23rd January 2014

There has been a lot less sun this week, lots of rain and in the morning there is always lots of water droplets on the plants even when it hasn’t rained during the night.  Has anyone ever worked out how much water plants take from this source?  I’m sure in my garden the figure must be quite high; as soon as autumn arrives there is always a little condensation in the air, I notice it most from seeing damp patches on the gravel paths something you just don’t see in summer.  I notice the plants though, even without rain they begin to perk up.

Temperatures have remained above freezing but the dampness makes me feel cold AND the plants aren’t that keen, there are fewer flowers now especially on the slope where only Rosemary and Teucrium have flowers.

The usual view

The usual view

Looking across the slope

Looking across the slope

Looking up from the gate

Looking up from the gate

Do you notice any difference in this view looking up the slope?  Here’s a clue you can see the greenhouse more clearly; what’s missing?

Europe seems to be mild and wet and a lot of the US is very cold, what’s the weather doing where you live?  Are you having a normal winter or is it surprising you in one way or another?


41 thoughts on “The Slope on 23rd January 2014

  1. Definitely milder and a lot wetter than it should be here in January… we’re still waiting for winter to start really! Is that a prostrate rosemary in the bottom corner of your last photo? If it is, it looks enormous – what’s your secret?

    • It is prostrate rosemary but there are three or possible four plants, I do tend to over plant to get the effect I want quickly, one would probably have been enough. I don’t do anything special it just has exactly the conditions it wants, very, very free draining soil and very hot dry summers. Right plant right place.

  2. I hate the damp cold which we have here in Wales. It just seems to get into your bones and joints so much more. I lived in Germany for a while and the cold there was much different, a dry cold which oddly never felt as cold as it actually was. Having just checked the forecast I’m disappointed to see yet more rain coming our way.

    • I agree absolutely about the damp, I think that was why I felt so cold in England at Christmas. Today we have think fog, it happens so rarely here thank goodness but I hate it even for one day.

  3. It was so mild yesterday I was out gardening without a coat. But the boggy soil is still stopping me from doing anything more than a bit of trimming. If I stand on it in some places I immediately get a compacted crater four inches deep and a load of squelchy mud. It’s horrible!

  4. I did notice the greenhouse – not sure what’s missing though! Our weather is still damp – misty with a little drizzly rain now and then. It’s still too cold and dark for any signs of life though…except a few snowdrop shoots that have barely grown over the past ten days! Can’t wait for spring. Your slope looks lush and lovely Christina!

  5. Love your new header image (probably not new at all) – and the textures on your slope, who needs flowers anyway 😉 As for what’s missing, that is going to bug me, I may have to go back to previous posts and remind myself, but then I spak (type?!) as someone who can’t even remember what is going to pop up where in her own garden, let alone remember somebody else’s well enough. Though I hope I would miss that wonderful prostrate rosemary…

    • The header is quite new, I’m glad you like it. I’ll write soon about the changes I’ve made in the garden so you won’t have to be bugged for long, I should have offered a prize for the first person to guess what is missing!

  6. I think I read somewhere that the 300-400 ft redwoods out in California are able to get that tall because of the mists that constantly bath the tops in moisture. Not sure if it’s true or not, but I can imagine plants get plenty of moisture from the dew.
    Did you have a big Leyland cypress by the greenhouse? or is that what makes up the hedge? I do like the green and greys, do you miss the blooms? Sometimes a break is nice and gets you ready for the spring explosion.

  7. Your slope looks lovely from all angles. The morning fog has returned here, which is a welcome change from the very low humidity levels (below 10%) we experienced for 2 weeks. However, there’s no rain in sight for January, usually one of our wettest months, and a drought emergency has already been declared by California’s governor after the driest year ever on record. If I knew a rain dance, I’d be performing it every day…

  8. I like the new header and layout too, I noticed the other day looking for the answer to something else on your blog. I am guessing quite a large plant has been moved or lost. Its getting colder here in England and I am hoping for less rain!

  9. A most satisfying view Christina whichever way you look at the slope. A beautiful blend of shades of green, gold and grey. Here it’s just so wet and drab and squelchy 😦

    • I like to see the sky, I get depressed without seeing some sunlight so I really don’t like fog and am very lucky that it hardly ever occurs where I live but does not far away.

  10. Your slope always looks great. You have such an amazing variety of textures, shapes, and foliage colors. It is nice today, but we should head back to 10 F or less tomorrow night (close to -13 C.) Then it will be up into the 60s ( about 16-17 C) by the weekend. Winter is always a weather yo-yo here! Good luck with your talk tomorrow!

  11. Beautiful variation of texture and color on your slope!

    Here in Rwanda, of course it is warm. We should be in the short dry season now, but we have had some rain just about every day — great for the garden.

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