The Slope on Thursday 27th February and something dead

At last a sunny day on Thursday to match the other days of the week; Thursdays have been rainy this month.  It has been a perfect week for working in the garden and I am satisfied with what I have achieved.

Most of the roses have been pruned and I am working my way around the beds removing weeds (not too many in most places and clearing dead stems and flower heads I had left standing for the winter. Continue reading

GBFD – February – Foliage is my garden’s structure

As this first image shows, the formal beds gain all their structure from the foliage of the chipped box and lavender; in the Renaissance there was a balance in a garden between Art and Nature, the natural (always strictly under control) and the manmade often imitating nature to the extent that sometimes the viewer was unsure if something was Nature or Art.  One of the ways that plants could be like art was by being tightly clipped so that the shadow thrown was as crisp and strong as that thrown by a wall.  You can see the idea here with lower late afternoon light on the lavender and box.

The formal garden, box and lavender

The formal garden, box and lavender

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The Greenhouse – February 2014

Welcome to my greenhouse, I haven’t posted about it for ages.

I’m joining Helen at Patient gardener for her new meme about gardening under glass.

I use my greenhouse for overwintering Citrus although this year one lemon has remained outside and is doing very well in the most sheltered place on the terrace protected by the house from the cold north and east winds.  Continue reading

The Slope on 20th February and a nice surprise

Yesterday was wonderfully warm and pleasant, even though I could see that on the hills in the distance is was misty or even, perhaps, raining.  I wondered about taking the photographs yesterday with some sun but I do always try to take the images for this post on the actual day to give an honest vision of the situation.  Today started with heavy rain improving during the morning to give a soft light that illuminated the blue flowers of Rosemary and Teucrium. Continue reading

The Slope on February 13th. A mixed week!

Last Friday was gloriously sunny and mild and stayed that way all day until about 7 pm.  Saturday and Sunday mornings were both lovely too warm enough to enjoy coffee outside and had the temperature stayed the same I’d been thinking that maybe lunch outside wasn’t impossible – but then the wind got up, and the afternoon, evening and night were cold, wet and windy.  Monday was worse, although that seemed impossible with torrential rain, coming in under the front door and forcing its way through the windows; chairs on the terrace were blown over, thrown over says it better.  Last evening I saw the sky was clear and wondered if the night would be cold.  Yes, I awoke to see a heavy frost which thankfully thawed very quickly giving a glorious morning but now, nearly 2pm it has clouded over again and I think it will rain yet again! Continue reading