The slope on 6th February

Sorry about there not being a post last week but really the weather was impossible!  We have had rain every day since last Wednesday, today so far is sunny but several other mornings have been relatively fine followed by rain in the afternoons, evenings and during the nights.  Last Friday there was so much rain in our area that there was a derailment on the main train line from Viterbo to Rome; only yesterday were trains running again.  In lots of places there have been landslides and water is pouring off the field into the ditches; fortunately there is now grass growing on the fields so that so there has been no erosion as we have seen when it rains heavily in autumn.

The slope doesn’t have anything different flowering; just Teucrium, rosemary and the White leaved Buddleia ‘Silver Anniversary.  The shrub doesn’t look great so I am very glad I moved it t the slope where it does a good job as a background plant, just proving that a plant that is suitable for one position may be totally wrong in another.  Euphorbia rigida, always the first to flower is now flowering all over the garden.


Looking up from the gate

Looking up from the gate

Buddhleia 'Silver Anniversary

Buddleia ‘Silver Anniversary

Euphorbia rigida

Euphorbia rigida

A river of Californian poppies, they won't be long before they flower now

A river of Californian poppies, they won’t be long before they flower now



Teucrium fruticans

Teucrium fruticans

Teucrium fruticans

Teucrium fruticans

The extended daylight hours are making a different to how everything in the garden looks; signs of spring growth are also everywhere to be seen so I do hope that we have seen the back of winter but to be honest I may be a bit premature in hoping this.

What is the weather doing where you live; is it still raining in the UK; has the Polar vortex gone somewhere else?  In the southern hemisphere it is still summer, has it been extra hot this year?

31 thoughts on “The slope on 6th February

  1. Yes, Christina, it is still raining, more storms coming in from the Atlantic every day. Any low land is flooded, railway lines on the coast have been washed away and houses are flooded. The worst area is the Somerset levels, they have been flooded for over a month now with no sign of it ending. I feel so sorry for the people living there.
    When your Californian poppies start flowering, they are going to look gorgeous!

    • Italy has terrible problems with the rail too. It wasn’t just our train to Rome that had problems, in other places tracks have been washed away. Our winter was quite wet last year but not as much rain fell as this year. It is terrible for those who have their homes flooded, I read, too that thieves have been robbing the flooded houses, they deserve a severe punishment when the home owners are already suffering terrible losses without added problems. We are not suffering from water laying in the garden, the more the better really as hopefully it gets down into the rock and stays there for the summer.

  2. I love your slope, you have planted it to look good all year round. Is that lovely Buddleia ‘Silver Anniversary’ hardy? I notice you have nice little striped Agaves by your Rosemary.
    This endless rain is all over Europe I think. Terrible for those who are flooded.

  3. I think Pauline has already said all for the uk weather and you can guess the weather up here though we have had some glimpses of the sun the last 3 days, I even spent a little time in the garden today,
    I just love the flowers on the teucrium fruticans, the slope is looking very lush no doubt due to the rain, lots of textures, Frances

  4. Pleasant mornings, but rain later generally – but so much LIGHTER, as you say! It’s lovely to actually be aware of that, isn’t it, and the plants are really taking notice. I look forward to seeing all your Californian poppies in bloom!

  5. We had a beautiful “spring” day today! Still a little snow on the ground. I was almost tempted to start clearing the winter leaf mulch away in places to allow the plants some light, but I remember doing it too early last year and then we got hard frosts! I can’t wait to see your poppies flowering again Christina. 😀

  6. Pretty rosemary flowers. Christina, I too have noticed the extended daylight but have not had much time to be out in the garden. I’m well behind where I was t his time last year, but it’s still rainy and cold here. I sincerely hope your heavy rains dissipate so folks can settle back in at home–tragic to be dislocated like that.

  7. I love the subtle colours of your slope at this time of year. And how extraordinary that your poppies will soon be flowering! We actually had a sunny day here today and in any case the worst of the recent weather has passed us by, thank goodness. The wind is beginning to pick up now, but I am glad I don’t live in Somerset, or on the south coast.

  8. Those poppies are going to be magnificent! I am jealous seeing signs of spring in other bloggers’ gardens. My own spring is retarded by our continuing cold weather. We had a couple of warm days, then the cold returned. We saw a few snow flurries yesterday and got excited, but of course nothing happened like last week.

  9. Today here in Ireland we had snow, rain, then snow again. Frost forecast for tonight then wind, snow and rain tomorrow. In theory it is Spring but the truth is Winter still has us in it’s grip.

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