The Slope on February 13th. A mixed week!

Last Friday was gloriously sunny and mild and stayed that way all day until about 7 pm.  Saturday and Sunday mornings were both lovely too warm enough to enjoy coffee outside and had the temperature stayed the same I’d been thinking that maybe lunch outside wasn’t impossible – but then the wind got up, and the afternoon, evening and night were cold, wet and windy.  Monday was worse, although that seemed impossible with torrential rain, coming in under the front door and forcing its way through the windows; chairs on the terrace were blown over, thrown over says it better.  Last evening I saw the sky was clear and wondered if the night would be cold.  Yes, I awoke to see a heavy frost which thankfully thawed very quickly giving a glorious morning but now, nearly 2pm it has clouded over again and I think it will rain yet again!

All the images have that strange bright light that seems unreal.  There is lots of green and the slope looks full of energy.

A shaft of light breaks up the view

A shaft of light breaks up the view


Definately more green than brown now

Definately more green than brown now

Euphorbia mysenites

Euphorbia mysenites

Euphorbia mysenites

Euphorbia mysenites with melted frost drops

Verbascum are beginning to fill out ready to make a spurt of growth

Verbascum are beginning to fill out ready to make a spurt of growth


Looking up from the gate

Looking up from the gate


Are you invigorated by a warm winter’s day.  The weather has been atrocious everywhere this week; strong winds added to the rain so perhaps this week it has been better to stay indoors or have you braved the elements and found some useful job outside.  I pruned the wisteria on the front terrace so now I’m just waiting for the buds to swell and the excitement to begin.

21 thoughts on “The Slope on February 13th. A mixed week!

  1. Lots of super foliage there, it looks as though it is going to burst into flower any day now. For once we are having a sunny day, but more storms to come, one day, I’ll be able to get on the garden and do some work.

  2. The slope is really starting to look like it thinks spring is not far away! It’s so nice to see the green in your green photos – we still have the winter colour scheme of brown and grey. It’s been so windy here over the last couple of days, outdoor jobs have been limited to picking up the pots that have been blown over…

  3. It’s nice to see you green and sunny slope today Christina. What a wild bit of weather you’ve had. I’m finally ready to get back into the garden but winter is hanging on this year. After so many recent years of mild winters, this one is more like the kind I remember as a child.

  4. Yes, truly atrocious weather. I walked across the lawn this morning to photograph some snowdrops and have left footprints 3 inches deep that are now full of water. I don’t feel so bad about it because it’s a section of grass already wrecked by an escaped cow, but it shows how waterlogged our ground now is.
    I love your photo with the shaft of sunlight cutting through in front of the grass. The slope is greening up beautifully!

  5. I love the shaft of sunlight on your pictures too – it’s the sort of thing you may not notice when you are taking them so it makes it all the more magical. When will your wisteria flower, Christina? Ours is in May, but I expect yours will be earlier. The euphorbia catch the drops of moisture perfectly – so beautiful.

    • The wisteria should flower in April, it is one of the things I look forward to most. I could actually see the sun beam this morning, I was worried the photo would look dreadful but it is quite striking.

  6. it’s all looking very good Christina, I love the seventh photo down, third from bottom with the shaft of sun highlighting the beautiful grasses, I had to smile at your saying patio chairs were blown over, here no one leaves such things out 🙂 sounds awful with water coming into the house, I hope there was no damage, thanks for the info about Caro potatoes, Frances

  7. That’s an exciting variety of weather! You have to seize every opportunity when the weather goes nuts like that don’t you, nipping out to enjoy coffee or pruning, then huddling indoors as appropriate. Yesterday was one of those all too brief pauses between storms and I was lucky, my plum trees and sorbus arrived. I managed to get them all planted before the light disappeared so that feels good, though my back aches now! Another few days of bad weather to endure before the next break, so indoor chores and seed sowing beckon. Your slope is looking beautiful, definitely more lush and green, yet the changes are so subtle. Having discovered gaps in my photographic record of my garden last year I think I need to get more organised about recording it so that it is easier to see progress and spot gaps and things that need changing.

    • Yes, it is important to keep photographic records. You think you’ve taken every angle at every time of year but if you need to check often you find it isn’t there. I’m taking lots more long views each month (need to take them for this month) some I will show on th eblog but they are mainly for me! Today is glorious and I’m spring cleaning the borders and I’m going to plant some Irises around the moved olive.

  8. Such strange weather everywhere. I saw my first violets on a walk this morning. It would usually have made me think of spring but we haven’t really had winter yet. Beautiful photograph of the Euphorbia. I am gradually changing my mind about them. I did not use to appreciate them.

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