The Long View – February

The first of March is wet and there’s a cold wind so I was happy that I only needed to climb the stairs to the top of the house to take the images for today’s Long View.

The long view, I can't wait to begin planting those 3 new beds!

The long view, I can’t wait to begin planting those 3 new beds!

Gloomy view

Gloomy view

Colour from the crab apple and the Nandina domestica

Colour from the crab apple and the Nandina domestica

The Melia has its yellow berries but looks best against a blue sky

The Melia has its yellow berries but looks best against a blue sky

I’m not sure if Heather at Xericstyle is continuing with this meme as she didn’t post last month and didn’t mention it yesterday when she posted.  I will carry on posting this view on the first of the month along with my weekly, Thursday, view of the slope as I think we learn a lot from seeing the overall look of an area of the garden rather than focusing in on individual flowers.

No blue sky today, but the colours of the foliage stand out well in the grey light.  Everything is growing and on most days there is a definite feeling of spring in the air.

35 thoughts on “The Long View – February

    • I will try to show some long views every week, not just the Slope which I will continue to feature every Thursday until I’ve shown it for a year, then I’ll choose another view. Maybe you have to be brave to show longer views because then it is harder to hide what really doesn’t work.

  1. glad you could take photos in the warm Christina, I don’t have an upstairs and when I see photos some people post of their gardens from above I wish I could as it really shows the lay out more,
    it all looks so lush, I’ve noticed in both your long view and slope posts that there is always plenty of foliage, I know you have a lot of evergreens that stay evergreen through winter (here due to storms and windburn many evergreens are only semi unless planted in a very sheltered position) are most of your shrubs and trees evergreen or are deciduous plants only bare for a very brief month or two?
    enjoy planning your new beds while is isn’t suitable to actually do much, Frances

    • Hi Frances, in today’s view there are lots of evergreens but the rest of the garden is pretty mixed. Most of the trees are deciduous; walnuts, mulberry, Melia, fig, plum and Pommegranite are all deciduous. The evergreens are Arbutus and large bushes of Quercus ilex. Lots of things do green up every quickly even the sedums have their new rosettes of growth from about December.

      • thanks Christina, after writing my comment I looked again at the photo with the crab apple and decided to view the larger image, it’s still not clear, is the apple the red one and are those apples or flowers, it looks really lovely whatever, I planted 2, 2 years ago, they are growing one quite well, my sedums are just shyly peeping out, Frances

        • The crab apple is in the foreground of the third image with the Stipa tenuissima blowing about. It still has its fruit. They hang on this one even after the new flowers! I’m even tempted to cut them off just before the new blossom as they rather spoil the look – but who has the time…….
          I have to use quite small images on the blog as the internet isn’t very fast. If you ever want to see a particular image I can also send one vis email (just one at a time)!

  2. Great mixture of colours and interesting variety. I immediately noticed something had changed in your garden – the three new beds! You have a nice challenge there.
    In Hampshire we are seeing our first blooms of the year (camellias, crocus, daffodils, hellebores, etc) which are beginning to relieve the winter gloom! I’ve been busy preparing the garden before our move to Belgium in April. Mark.

  3. So very beautiful! I love the vertical accents and the colorful tapestry of plants that are lovely even at the end of winter. My son was passing by as I was looking at your post, and he said, “Wow!” I am so happy that March is finally here. It is always exciting to see beds ready for planting!

    • many kind people have used the word tapestry and that gives me so much pleasure. Thanks for telling me anout your son too. It’s nice to think the garden has the wow factor.

    • I was glad I hadn’t chosen a spot outside today it has been colder than for a while and I just checked the forecast and they’re saying two weeks of cold weather – I do hope not.

  4. Enjoy planting up those new beds, Christina! I’m starting to plant 2 new beds of my own, although I’ve been temporarily side-lined by the long-awaited rain that has finally shown up in southern California. I’m continuing my monthly wide view shots as well.

  5. I agree. The long view does give you real perspective on the garden. It’s only this year I’ve been brave enough to do it.. close up shots hide a multitude of sins!
    The Stipa around the crab apple look great. I have greenhouse envy too.. so much space!

  6. I’m glad you’re keeping on with the long view, it gives such a nice overview and helps me put the closeups into perspective.
    You mentioned needing bravery to show the longer view, I’m not there yet! lol, there’s still too much here that I’d prefer to hide 🙂

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