A Vase on the first Monday in March

I’m joining in with Cathy for her Vase on Monday meme.  Do check out her post so see what others are finding in their gardens today worthy of being arranged (or not as in my case).

At last there are enough Anemone Sylphide that I don’t mind picking some for inside the house.

The stems are a little long, I have since shortened them

The stems are a little long, I have since shortened them

There is no underlying story to the choice of flowers today, just that I love Anemone for their colour saturated richness.

P1130456 blog

Anemone Sylphide and Artimesia 'Powys Castle'

Anemone Sylphide and Artimesia ‘Powys Castle’

P1130460 blog

24 thoughts on “A Vase on the first Monday in March

  1. Strikingly beautiful Christina. The color of your Anemone sylphide packs a punch. Artemisia always adds a nice softness in an arrangement. I am anxiously waiting to see if the A. coronaria ‘Governor’ planted last year will produce. Of 25 planted I only see signs of 2.

    • The other colours of A. coronaria I planted have only just come up, I don’t know why Sylphide is so much ahead of the others. Did you soak the corms before planting? I did some and not others but I don’t think it made any difference, but if the corms are very dry when purchased it might help them establish.

  2. Simple, but I do love those A sylphide – I have just planted mine at the w/e and shall order some from Peter Nyssen for autumn planting too to be on the safe side. As Marion said, they make a refreshing change from white! Thanks for taking part – and confirming that simple is just as attractive as a complicated and time-consuming arrangement.

  3. A beautiful arrangement Christina – we were both drawn to anemones this week! You are lucky to still have some artimesia – even with the relatively mild winter mine have all died right back.

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