The Slope on Thursday 6th March – Blue is the Colour

Today is cold, very cold!  The north wind is blowing and even inside the house I can hear the wind and even feel it entering my body and making me cold and, for some reason, tired.

All this week the temperatures have been lower; not reaching double figures during the day and dropping close to freezing at night; not quite actually causing a frost but I have been worried about the salad leaves I’ve already planted outside.  In the greenhouse on the days that are sunny the temperatures creep into the low 30’s °C.

Monday wasn’t so cold and I managed to work in the garden for most of the day, completely lots of the spring clean-up; I’m ahead this year so hopefully it will all be easier to manage.  The Perovskia in the formal beds have been cut down; new shoots were showing all up the stems so it needed to be done now rather than waiting until the end of March.  The formal beds need a quick weed too, but don’t seem to bad at first glance, the mulch added in the autumn seems to have done its job.

The usual view

The usual view

Sheep have been part of the view this week

Sheep have been part of the view this week

Rosemary and Muscari

Rosemary and Muscari

Last week I noticed the first of the Muscari flowering, this week the whole slope seems BLUE, with the Teucrium with even more flowers than it has had for the last few months, the prostrate rosemary too is full of flowers, and the bees are going crazy.  Contrast this with the vibrant chartreuse of the various Euphorbias and the slope is positively zinging this week.

Rosemary and Muscari

Rosemary and Muscari

Prostrate Rosemary

Prostrate Rosemary

So much flower now on the Prostrate Rosemary

So much flower now on the Prostrate Rosemary

Euphorbia myrsinites

Euphorbia myrsinites

The afternoon light makes a change this week

The afternoon light makes a change this week


Looking up from the gate

Looking up from the gate

Are the colours changing in your garden?  Do you have to complete jobs earlier this year because the weather has been mild or are you still in the throes of winter?

40 thoughts on “The Slope on Thursday 6th March – Blue is the Colour

  1. I’m frantically trying to get jobs done that should have been done last November/December. It has been so wet, the autumn tidy up didn’t get done apart from where all the snowdrops are, it’s only now that I can get onto the garden once more and try to tidy it up before most things start flowering.

    • Gardening is always a bit like that though isn’t it? I didn’t prune the roses because they were flowering so well right into the New Year but maybe I should have just gone ahead anyway; that’s something I’m never sure about.

  2. Your garden looks lovely and very zingy Christina, I have just come in from the mowing the lawn for the first time this year and am trying to balance excitement and slight panic as I haven’t got as much done as I would have liked, thanks to the constant rain. Thankfully the days are now longer!

  3. I love all your blues with the chartreuse of the euphorbias; it is a great color combination! Today is cold here, too, but yesterday was glorious. Our weather is very much see-saw! I have a long list of things that need to be done in the garden. I get as much done as I can, and I am fortunate that Lou is willing to help, if the weather will cooperate!

  4. Still in the throes of winter. Your Rosemary looks so wonderful and looks I could just go and pick some for cooking. 🙂 They do not get as happy looking here. The Muscari and Rosemary compliment each other well. I hope your salad greens fair well. Best, Erica

  5. It must feel good to be ahead of the game with spring cleanup. I’m a month or more behind (but possible freezing rain and sleet tonight so I’ll wait it out.) Love your long view with sheep. Your Prostrate Rosemary looks so wonderful as always–I wonder if it would work on some hilly roadsides in our neighborhood where grass just won’t grow. There’s no irrigation and the soil is poor but I think it would nice.

  6. I hope that the northerly wind changes direction soon Christina and that your energy levels are restored. Amazing to see cerinthe already in flower – an overwintering seedling I imagine?
    Here I’m playing catch up, as at long last the skies are not chucking down buckets of water every time I venture outside.

  7. I was going to say exactly what Flora Weather said about the rosemary and the muscari – th rosemary tones down the blue of the muscari and helps blend it into the other foliage. We have not had bitter cold for a week or two now, but more blue skies have meant temps dropping to around freezing on a few nights – but the automatic roof vent opened in the bigger greenhouse one day this week! Hope it’s a milder w/e for you.

  8. Well done on getting ahead with the spring chores – wish I was that organised! The blues and greens on the slope look really good. And your muscari are way ahead of mine, I don’t think they’re even above ground yet here.

  9. Love all that blue! I also cut back my Perovskia last week… how low do you cut yours down? I am never sure and probably don’t cut back enough. We had a cold wind today too, but our forecast is sunny and warm for the weekend! 😀

    • I cut back to about 30 cm there were such a lot of new shoots. I usually cut back a bit later. The tulips were also coming up, making it hard to get into the beds so it had to be done now.

      • Thanks Christina – that’s about how far I cut back too… same problem here, it has to be done while I can get to them before the bulbs start appearing!

  10. At last the weather forecast here is positive for a few days next week, I can get out in the garden. Actually planted something today, the soil has dried out enough. Love your blues.. too yellow here. Must redress the balance.

  11. Your slope looks very spring-like in pictures, even if the calendar and temperatures aren’t there yet. We effectively skipped winter in my area of southern California this year, although we did finally get 2 good rainstorms last week, which helps a little with our drought. This week, though, our temperatures are headed back into the low 80sF (27C) so it feels a little like a roller-coaster ride.

    • It has been a very mild winter here too. The temperatures only dropped to freezing on very few nights. What we’ve had is rain, rain and more rain; I’m not really complaining as the plants need it and hopefully some will stay in the ground for when the drought arrives (usually July but sometimes earlier).

  12. It is good to see the colours all coming out. My rosemary has flowered throughout the winter. I like your prostrate form, I’m thinking I could use it in my garden but it won’t look so good on the flat. Your Cerinthe is about a week in front of mine, I can just see the colour in the buds. My Cerinthe attracts the lovely, fluffy Anthophora bees. If you see fluffy bees on the Cerinthe that look like strange bumble bees which move very fast – they are likely to be Anthophora. Amelia

  13. I love all your blues Christina, even the foliage has a leaning towards blue green from some angles,
    well you know from my blog I’m far behind after 3 wet years, my good day of Tuesday has turned to bad Friday with gale force winds since last night, rain, hail, sleet and horizontal snow, and not from the north but west, off the Atlantic,
    I wish you a warm and rosy weekend, Frances

    • Thanks Frances. Yesterday was so cold here, today even though the wind is still blowing it is warmer, but the clear sky this evening predicts a cold night, I hope not too cold.

  14. It sure does look nicer with some warm sunshine, I just hope the temperatures go up some more for you. Here there’s still too much snow to begin cleaning up, but you can bet as soon as it’s gone I’ll get right to work! Love all the blues 🙂

  15. What is this tree behind the Euphorbia characias? My cerinthe look stronger than ever and have also started to flower – they looked rather poorly last summer. Spring has come a lot earlier this year and it’s very warm and will get warmer still. Love your blue scheme!

    • I usually pull my Cerinthe out by May, I never keep them during the summer, they are very much a spring flower here. The tree on the slope without leaves is the Persimmon.

  16. Just found your blog. Very inspiring! Your garden is so beautiful. I am just starting on a similar journey in the Algarve, on the side of a steep hill! Your slope inspires me, although the wind here is fearsome today and I despair of ever growing anything! Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog and future posts.

  17. *happy sigh* love that sea of blue punctuated by the euphorbia flowers. I must have a closer look at my perovskia, they weren’t starting to shoot a couple of weeks ago but things are changing really quickly at the moment. I need to decide whether or not to cut back my tamarisk too. I love the haze of green in that first photo too, such a transformation in such a short time. Hope the northerly winds stay away though, they can make one feel quite miserable even on a sunny day, the cold seems to shoot through you somehow.

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