A Vase for Monday Blue and Yellow

Monday is when Cathy at Rambling in the Garden hosts her meme A vase of Flowers from the garden.  Do check out what others have managed to find this week or better still why not join in this week yourself?

My favourite combination is yellow daffodils in a blue jug.

I haven’t had much luck with daffodils here in Italy; I used to grow masses on the allotment I had in England and was able to pick armfuls for weeks and weeks.  This is ALL my daffodils this year (I will plant some more in autumn and try to water them when they need it.  The pleasure they bring would be worth the effort.


The blue plate displayed with the jug is made of papier mâche and was given to us filled with sugared almonds when we were married.  The text is the wedding promises in Italian (we’ve always loved all (most) things Italian even before we moved here ten years ago.

I forgot to add information about how long the flowers from last week are surviving.  Not that well is the answer, two reasons, mainly because when I picked the flowers I chose those that had already been open for a while so they haven’t lasted more than a week.  The second reason is also my fault, I forgot to add water to the vase and they were obviously very thirsty flowers.  So something to remember Anemones should be picked just as they open their flowers and give them WATER!

20 thoughts on “A Vase for Monday Blue and Yellow

  1. I love the combination of blue and yellow, what a lovely jug.
    I noticed that there were no daffodils around in the south of France; in fact no bulbs of any kind to speak of. Do you think it is because many of them need a period of cold?

    • Yes, lots of bulbs do need some cold although even on this old winter my tulips seem to be growing well. Daffodils need water so they will always be difficult here. Tulips thrive in the summer drought.

  2. I find that the little Species daffodils do OK here in Umbria without watering – several vareties are native to Sicily so should be worth a try.

  3. What a lovely blue jug – perfect for with the daffodils. It’s a shame the daffs don’t like your conditions. But then there will be a lot of beautiful flowers you can grow in Italy that would never survive in the UK…

  4. Yes – I would use blue with my daffs too, but much as I love my blue vase it isn’t as pretty as your little jug, and I don’t have a beautiful plate like yours either! I half-thought of Tete a Tete for my vase today, but I am glad I didn’t now. You have shown again how effective a simple vase is – this is so encouraging for all of us and thanks for continuing to join in ps sorry you struggle with your daffodils…..

  5. Thank you for sharing your few daffodils with us today Christina. I would never have thought that it would be so hard to grow them in Italy, but now I understand why they grow so well in under trees here whilst tulips love dry sunny beds. Your plate and jug are beautiful – your photo looks like an oil painting.

  6. This is a strikingly beautiful combination Christina. Interesting your tulips return year after year. They don’t do well for me here, but daffodils are more reliable and less appealing to the deer.

  7. I planted drifts of daffys here, thinking they would be safe from the plague of gophers (poisonous). They disappeared from the spot where I planted them, but showed up here and there around the garden. I have visions of the gophers down in their burrows bowling with bulbs. Lately I’ve been putting down wire screen before planting more bulbs (I really do covet those drifts). Always something to foil our plans. Glad you at least got enough to enjoy in your blue jug…a perfect combo.

  8. Strong blue and bright yellow, perfect! Everyone has blooming daffodils except me, that’s just not fair 😉 and I’m also one to forget to add water….

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