The Slope on Thursday 13th March

The cold wind from the NNE has been blowing for more than a week, until yesterday that is, when suddenly after a cold windy beginning to the morning (an frost on the solar panel at 7 am) at about 11 am the wind dropped and it felt more like spring, and the forecast for the next week or so is more of the same!  During the day it feels like spring and each day there is something new to discover flowering.

Last weekend I spotted the first Eschscholzia californica (Californian Poppy), its bright orange face opening to the sun.  I also found a tulip flowering in the Crimson Zone and today there are more tulips so I’ll write about them all soon.

The usual view

The usual view

The Muscari are flowering more intensely this week

The Muscari are flowering more intensely this week

View up from the gate, the Prostrate rosemary contrasts with Euphorbia myrsinites

View up from the gate, the Prostrate Rosemary contrasts with Euphorbia myrsinites

Eschscholzia californica

Eschscholzia californica

Eschscholzia californica

Eschscholzia californica

Eschscholzia californica with Muscari

Eschscholzia californica with Muscari

The Muscari look even bluer this week if that is possible.  So Blue is still the predominant colour but when more of the poppies open the slope will really zing!

What’s zinging in your garden today?  Has spring arrived?  Has winter tightened its grip for a last fight against the new season?

26 thoughts on “The Slope on Thursday 13th March

  1. Your Eschscholzia are very zingy! Spring is definately here, buds are bursting and the weather is glorious today and more sun forecast through the weekend. (Just hope it lasts!).

  2. I can’t even bear to say it but we had another huge storm and another foot or more of snow with below zero temps. I am not sure if spring is going to arrive anytime in the near future around here. Your muscari are making me sigh and then throw a fit….”I want spring soon!!!”

  3. Love that blue and orange together! I have some early tulips that are bright orange and glow from afar like your poppies… I must plant some more of them! It was almost 20°C today – fabulous blue skies again too!

    • I’m glad spring has arrived in England too, Muscari, unlike lots of other bulbs, go on flowering for ages, that’s why I’m hoping for the blue and orange combination.

  4. Glad to hear the weather turned, and yes, the muscari seems bluer even in the photos! What a sight that will be when the poppies take over, so much bright color…. but I’m still in love with the anemones 😉
    btw it’s still winter here. Snowdrops are just now managing to come up and try to open.

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