GBBD – Spring has arrived

So the first Bloomday of spring is here!  Even though our winter here in Italy has been mercifully mild (maybe too mild, I saw a locust the other day – not a good sign) it is still a good feeling to know that spring is here and soon there will be no fear of very cold nights doing any damage to new crops planted outside.

Click on the image below to see all the flowers blooming in My Hesperides Garden this glorious March day.

Anemone Sylphide

Anemone Sylphide

With thanks to Carol at May Dreams Garden for hosting.  I have trouble leaving comments on her blog for some reason, but do visit to see what is flowering in bloggers’ gardens around the world.

16 thoughts on “GBBD – Spring has arrived

    • Me too, I make no apologies for showing it whenever I can. Better still it flowers for so long and the individual blooms last for weeks, gently fading, followed by the seed heads with the promise of more plants to come. I may sow some of the seed to see how long is needed from seed to flower.

  1. Hi Christina, your spring has arrived with abundant, beautiful blooms! How wonderful to know there is no danger of frost to nip them all; we haven’t got to that point yet, but things are beginning to bloom here, too…finally! Happy spring!

  2. ‘Slyphide’ has gone down on my wish list Christina. The slide show was a most enjoyable experience. It could well be me but I could not see any clues as to identities and would love to know what the second to last is.

  3. I’m late, I know, too busy in the garden! You have so many beautiful flowers and such variety! So many different colours, your garden is a very special place to be.

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